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Car-less Sky Pilot Solo

Disclaimer: Soloing is dangerous. Stay well within your ability level, always tell someone where you’re going, have a back up plan.      Or just don’t do it. December 14th 2017 I had just finished my last exam and was finally … Continue reading

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From Squamish to Vancouver: packrafting the Indian way

Getting dropped off in the middle of nowhere, early in the morning. Waving goodbye and turning around, looking ahead into the unknown. This is my favorite type of start, an omen to the best kind of adventures. This one, as … Continue reading

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Mt. Pootlass Smackdown

Where is Mt. Pootlass? Why would one go there? Why were there three rodents? A while back my son, Devlin, was given a copy of Ship’s Whistle by the cafeteria cashier while aboard one of the ferries to Vancouver. It’s … Continue reading

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In search of new route to Squamish

When driving along Howe Sound on the way to Squamish or Whistler you must be enjoying stunning view on the mountains across the inlet. That view always ruins my plans on getting back the the sleep hours that I missed as a result of early … Continue reading

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Mt. Baker Bike’n’Ski: a video

My video-version of Elliott’s trip report

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Skis and Bikes: Self-propelled Surrey to Baker

Martin Cermak, Elliott Skierszkan, Mirko Moeller, May 20-22 2017 About a month before this trip happened, conversations started up around doing a Victoria Day long weekend ski traverse. However, in the few days coming up to the weekend, despite a … Continue reading

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Cycle Touring the Hebrides – Neil Mackenzie Adventure Grant 2016

Mike With excitement, we landed in Glasgow and watched the baggage coming off the plane. We saw being unloaded two half destroyed bike boxes, our bike boxes, which we had last seen looking in much fresher in Vancouver. Layovers in … Continue reading

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The Jervis Expedition: Three weeks of kayak-accessed mountaineering

I know this is kind of a big deal to say, but I have to call it as I see it right now: I’m not convinced we can pull off the eastern half of this route. I don’t think it … Continue reading

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Indian Arm Kayaking 2016

I rolled out of bed on Saturday morning with my first thought being of the weather. I quickly go online and saw a “mixture of sun and clouds”. As good as it sounds, I know that I live in Raincouver and that … Continue reading

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How I roasted a cougar

On Tuesday of Canada Day week I realized that I am free from work on Wednesday which extended my long weekend for one more day, which in total made me 4 days off. I picked up a suitable trip from … Continue reading

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