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Phelix Road Brushing Workhike

This was a short workhike on the weekend of Nov 11, 2017. Our crew was Jodie Nowell, Tom Curran, Cassandra Elphinstone, Fabian Frank, and myself (Martin Carnogursky). We drove up early on Saturday morning. The road had patchy snow starting … Continue reading

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Iron Chef at Brew Hut

The snow stared falling about half way up the logging road, as we snuggled in the back of the car. After arriving at the trail head, we leisurely hiked to Brew Hut, making it there in less than three hours. … Continue reading

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2017 Brew Hut Solar Expedition

On June 3rd a crew of 9 organized by Roland Burton drove, hiked, snowshoed and skiied up to Brew Hut to replace the solar panel that had been ripped off during the winter previous. Shu Yu Fan drove one car … Continue reading

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Women’s backcountry adventure

It’s Monday at 10:00 am and I just got up. My body is screaming – which is a good sign. It tells me I have been on an adventure this weekend; that I have pushed myself to new limits. Even … Continue reading

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A Moonlight Memorial Walk at Seymour

January 11, 2017 marked two years since we lost Neil Mackenzie and Steffi Grothe, two wonderful and inspiring club members in a tragic climbing accident on Joffre Peak that also claimed the life of Elena Cernicka. Many of our newer … Continue reading

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Why I thought it’d be a good idea to drag a snowboard up the Phelix Hut Trail

I arrived in Vancouver in December 2016 with the main purpose of “getting to know the backcountry better” and it was already dumping snow, which I knew to be relatively rare in Vancouver. I wanted to make the most of … Continue reading

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Cycle Touring the Hebrides – Neil Mackenzie Adventure Grant 2016

Mike With excitement, we landed in Glasgow and watched the baggage coming off the plane. We saw being unloaded two half destroyed bike boxes, our bike boxes, which we had last seen looking in much fresher in Vancouver. Layovers in … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Poor Snow, an Old Van, and an Excellent Weekend

This was my first VOC trip, and thus it fell to me to write the trip report. I’d been meaning to go on a VOC trip pretty much every weekend since September, but somehow there was always something else that … Continue reading

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Metal Rods and Metal Domes; How I confirmed I have truly amazing friends

WARNING 1: this article contains gratuitous quantities of sentimental mushiness. Though in the authors opinion its probably still not enough… WARNING 2: This article contains a couple fairly graphic descriptions of a pretty mangled leg. Especially those of the parental … Continue reading

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Another Lizzie Workhike

To me this trip definitely wasn’t another Lizzie Workhike, but in fact my very first VOC experience. The trip was a wonderful start of a year that I hope will be filled with as many VOC adventures as possible. Firstly … Continue reading

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