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That's right, this Tuesday Nov 21st, 2006 at 4pm in the clubroom the VOC will have a ski tune spectacular.

This is a great opportunity for new members to do a workhike, not quite so new members to learn how to mantain skis, and for old pros to teach, so there's something for everybody.

People are welcome to bring their own skis. Then after practicing on club skis they can prep their own for this season.

People interested in doing a workhike can sign up on the WIKI, no experience necessary.

It'll be good times for sure.

Work hike Sign up

  1. Clark Kent, 4pm - 8pm, I'll use my X-Ray vision to look for damage
  2. Bruce Wayne, I'll just donate my Bat Skis
  3. Andrew Pare, 4pm - infinity
  4. Your Mom
  5. Christian Champagne, not sure about time
  6. Aurore Ponvienne, I'll try to finish my work earlier than 5
  7. Sanaz, been a member for 4 monthes, stay as long as I can finally sign out gear.
  8. Evan
  9. Janelle Coe
  10. Irena
  11. Scott Webster (might show up, though probably not till after 5. do we have wax?)
  12. Graeham Douglas 4-7 or so?