Trip Leadership Course

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Currently this is a workspace for us to figure out what this course will entail.


Who is it for


  • Of any technical skill level
  • Looking to lead + be good participants on small "democratic" style group trips

What will they learn

  • Basic principles (ie - don't leave a person behind)
  • Making good (ie - not regrettable) decisions
  • Group dynamics and style are more important than making the summit
  • When to have a group discussion
  • Convincing the group it was their idea
  • Common pitfalls

Specific Learning Goals

Ideas on how to accomplish this

Role playing

  • whiner
  • stoic who actually needs the help
  • crappy leader



  • AMS Guide to Outdoor Leadership by Alex Kosseff
  • Climbing: Expedition Planning by Clyde Soles and Phil Powers