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About Hut Registration

If you know you will be at a VOC Hut at a given time please post here to let people know. Note that this is not a reservation and does not grant you exclusive use, or even priority over others who may not have posted, but it's "the right thing to do." Registering here will help prevent multiple large groups from arriving at the hut at the same time. When registering, please leave some sort of contact info on the page. If you don't want to expose your real email address, just sign with a link to your user:talk page using ~~~~ or ~~~.

Also note that there is no priority based on order of registration. Feel free to register yourself anyway even if the hut is already listed as "full", just be prepared to deal with the situation if it turns out to be crowded. Not all parties who register to use a hut actually end up going, so there is some leeway for "overbooking".

Brew Hut Registration

The Brew Hut sleeps 12 in relative comfort, but has been known to sleep up to 16 people without putting anyone on the floor - 13 upstairs and 3 downstairs on the sleeping bench.

Date: group of X, contact information

Brian Waddington Hut Registration

The Brian Waddington Hut can handle about 24 people in the loft upstairs.

Date: group of X, contact information

April 4-6 Group of 5. Contact Ben, (bpezaro(at)gmail.com)

Burton Hut Registration

The Burton Hut sleeps 10 comfortably and 15 is cozy. Make sure the lake is frozen before you try to cross it. Typically it is frozen by February.

Date: group of X, contact information

Harrison Hut Registration

The Harrison Hut can handle about 15 people. Likely the road from Pemberton to Meager will not be driveable, making the winter access impossibly long. Bridge across Meager is now good.

Date: group of X, contact information