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The VOC Journal has been published annually by the club since 1958. A free copy of the journal is provided to members at the end of the academic year. A complete collection is available in the VOC clubroom. The journal is also available at the following libraries :

  • National Library of Canada
  • University of British Columbia Library
  • Vancouver Public Library
  • Alpine Club of Canada (Canmore)

Specific details of interest to the club exec on how/who to send the journal to each year is available on the VOCJ exchange page.

The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) for the VOC Journal is 0524-5613.

Submission Guidelines


  • Read past journals for inspiration and to get an idea of how an article is formatted.
  • Keep things relatively short. Articles should not go far over 2000 words (as a rough guide, you can fit about 350 words on a page of the journal).
  • Be creative. Submissions can be about anything and everything related to the outdoors, and can come in any style you desire (prose, poetry, song, art, etc.)
  • Send photos along with your article.
  • Submit high-quality photos. Colour shots should have a resolution of about 720dpi and be large enough to fill a 5.5 x 8.5 inch space. Black and white shots can be as low as 150dpi, but they should have enough contrast that the subject is visible: a guy in dark clothing + a dark background + low lighting = a whole lot of blackness when converted to black and white = not ideal.
  • Edit.


  • Be offensive. Any angry personal attacks on your clubmates, racist/sexist/homophobic remarks, etc. will not be printed, and your article may be rejected altogether.
  • Embed images in your article. A page of text in the journal will not be the same size or have the same format as your Word document, so you are not doing the editor any favours by forcing them to pull everything back out of your article and rearrange it. Please submit your photos as separate files.
  • Write your entire article in the passive voice. Although "it was decided that the south ridge should be climbed" may work in a lab report, it makes for rather dull reading.


Articles should be written in Microsoft Word (.doc) or plain text (.TXT or .RTF). They should not contain any embedded images or files.

Photo submissions should be high quality (minimum resolution 720dpi for colour, 150dpi for b&w) and in .JPEG or .TIFF format. There will be room for 10-30 colour photos, plus the front and back covers. All photos accompanying articles will be printed in black and white.

Note: all articles will be edited for length, spelling and general grammatical scariness. Offensive remarks will not be printed.


We are currently taking submissions!

There final deadline this year:

January 15th, 2017 - Deadline for all articles related to trips that happened from March, 2016 to December 2016.

All articles unrelated to any specific trip may be submitted. Early submissions are highly recommended for high quality proofreading and editing from the editors.

Submit your articles and ask your questions to: [email protected]

And remember: submitting an article to the VOCJ counts as a workhike, and it's never too late to start working on one....

Article Ideas/Categories

1. Why I joined the VOC?

2. My first trip with the VOC...

3. Son of Rock - Comments from instructors and participants

4. Lead Ladder - Evening sessions and Squamish weekend

5. Glacier School - Comments from instructors and participants

6. Long Hike

7. Mountaineering

8. Scrambling

9. Unplanned epic trips...

10. Other

List of publications

Year Volume Editor Table of Contents Index
2016-2017 VOCJ59 Caitlin Schneider
2015-2016 VOCJ58 Koby Michaels
2014-2015 VOCJ57 Amanda Johnson and Kasia Celler
2013-2014 VOCJ56 Ruanne Lai and Gillian Albert
2012-2013 VOCJ55 Murray Down
2011-2012 VOCJ54 Kelly Paton
2010-2011 VOCJ53 Kathrin Lang complete
2009-2010 VOCJ52 Chuck Norris complete
2008-2009 VOCJ51 Karolina Hanula Complete
2007-2008 VOCJ50 Jeff Mottershead Complete
2006-2007 VOCJ49 Kaja Sadowski Complete Complete
2005-2006 VOCJ48 Ellen Morgan Complete Complete/needs checking
2004-2005 VOCJ47 Steve Begin Complete Complete
2003-2004 VOCJ46 Rebecca Goulding Complete Complete
2002-2003 VOCJ45 Kristen Beaumont Complete Complete
2001-2002 VOCJ44 Sandra Nicol Complete Complete
2000-2001 VOCJ43 Jeremy Frimer Complete Complete
1999-2000 VOCJ42 Fern Webb Complete Complete
1998-1999 VOCJ41 Shoshanna Reiter Complete Complete
1997 VOCJ40 Mark Grist Complete Complete
1996-1997 VOCJ39 Dan Perrakis Complete none/paper
1995-1996 VOCJ38 Verena Blasy Complete Complete
1994-1995 VOCJ37 Othes Prosser Complete Complete
1993 VOCJ36 Michael Surface Complete Complete
1992 VOCJ35 Muriel Pacheco Complete Complete
1991 VOCJ34 Chris Brayshaw Complete Incomplete/paper
1990 VOCJ33 Craig Hollinger in progress paper
1989 VOCJ32 Ken Legg in progress paper
1988 VOCJ31 Nick Folkard Complete Complete
1987 VOCJ30 Jeff Greenwood Complete Complete
1986 VOCJ29 Denise Hart in progress none/paper
1985 VOCJ28 Tim Booth Complete Complete
1984 VOCJ27 Francois Welt Complete in progress
1983 VOCJ26 Darlene Anderson Complete none
1960 VOCJ03 Susan Tatum Complete Complete
1959 VOCJ02 Sandra Caldwell Complete Complete
1958 VOCJ01 Beverley Campbell Complete Complete

VOC Newsletter

Before the VOCJ, the club published the "VOC Newsletter". It's like the VOCJ, without the fancy paperback format. PDFs copies will soon be available online...

Year Editor Table of Contents Index
1957-1958 Incomplete none
1956-1957 Incomplete none
1953-1954 Incomplete none
1950-1951 Incomplete none

Table of Contents and Index fields should be used to track the status of the indexing of each journal.
VOC_Journal_structure Note: Only use the code to create new VOC Journals


The VOC Journal Index (VOCJ index) is a useful tool that allows you to find what acticles have been written on a certain subject.


Report to Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Policy Committee '63 - '64

Part 1 (PDF)
Part 2 (PDF)