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(Official Website)
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It has finally arrived our website is up and running(although some work is still being done on it)  
It has finally arrived our website is up and running(although some work is still being done on it)  
Check us out on [http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2322937014 Facebook].  
Check us out on [http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2322937014 Facebook].  

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Official Website

It has finally arrived our website is up and running(although some work is still being done on it)


Check us out on Facebook.

We also have a blog up and running as well which can be seen here: [2]

Welcome to the VOC O page

Climb, hike, back country ski, mountaineer.........And you live in the Okanagan......

Come join the Varsity Outdoor Club Okanagan. Contact one of the executive below to sign up and join. Or, come by Fipke 340 to see Craig Nichol. Memberships are $30/year (and are valid until Oct 31st 2010) for students, $45 for faculty, staff and non-student significant others.

With our website up and running - look for learn-to-climb days while the sun is still out, and some back country skiing once the snow starts.


Fall 2010



Sept 15th (10am - 4pm) Club and Course union days in the Courtyard, come check out the club if you have any questions or just want to sign up.

Sept 17th (4pm-7pm) First VOCO get together,for those of you that have registered we are having a barbaque behind the Administration Building. Come out for a burger and learn more about the club and what is happening this year.

Sept 25th and 26th Intro to Rock Climbing, we are heading down to Skaha on Saturday for a day of climbing, followed by a night of camping and more climbing on Sunday.


Oct 6th, 7th and 8th Intro to Kayak, these one day lesson are being put on by Kelowna Ski and Kayak and are around 60$ if you are interested just e-mail Heather at [email protected] and she can give you the details.


Nov long Weekend Smith Rocks Climbing trip down to Oregon, More details to follow

Nov sometime Wheeler hut Trip, we are planning on running another on of our successful hut trips again this year out to Wheeler hut in Beautiful Glacier National Park (the one in BC not in Montana). Best bet is to check out the website and look for a notice on that.

Winter 2011


January Intro to backcountry skiing

Avalanche course: See the below post in the Febuary section, for more information

Another Wheeler Hut trip? If you are interested please contact the club at the email at the bottom of the page.


Intro Avalanche course

Dylan is getting some Level 1 and 2 avalanche course organised so if you are interested in that then contact him directly at [email protected] and he will hook you up with all the details.

Backcountry ski trip???


  • March ???: End of year banquet

Any other trip ideas are welcome!!

Books and Gear

We are starting a book/map library and a supply of gear available for members to rent/borrow. If you have any books or gear you are willing to donate to help us out, let us know. You can view all our gear and books on the website

Club Executive

  • President
    • Dave Donnelly
  • Vice President
    • Heather Buckingham
  • Treasurer
    • Dylan Cunningham
  • Secretary
    • Kristy Brown
  • Membership Coordinator:
    • Kristine Slater
  • GearMaster
    • Lukasz Szlachta
  • Events Coordinator
    • Jared Kestevan
  • Club Representative
    • Kendall Cowley
  • Editor
    • James Niemeier

General Contact Info