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The first meeting will be:
The first meeting will be:
'''Wednesday September 20th''' at '''2:30  in Library 305'''
'''Wednesday September 20th''' at '''2:30  in Library 305 Okanagan Campus'''
'''Purpose:''' Meet, greet, choose a first executive, sign the forms, and form the club!!
'''Purpose:''' Meet, greet, choose a first executive, sign the forms, and form the club!!

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Next Meeting

The first meeting will be:

Wednesday September 20th at 2:30 in Library 305 Okanagan Campus

Purpose: Meet, greet, choose a first executive, sign the forms, and form the club!!

Welcome to the VOC O page

Climb, hike, back country ski, mountaineer.........And you live in the Okanagan......

We are searching for new members, and particularly, that core group who are willing to help in the formation of the club.

A number of people have started expressing interest. If you are thinking President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer etc come prepared next Wednesday to get up and say a few words about what brought you to the outdoors, what keeps you there, and how you see that making this club happen. A minute maybe. Then we'll do a show of hands, and we are on our way.

Please see and EDIT the proposed club constitution below.

If you are interested in joining, please send an email to the contact below and we will include you on our email list. Once we are up and running, look for learn-to-climb days while the sun is still out, and some back country skiing once the snow starts. We are hoping to have our first outing doing some trail building in the Monashees the weekend of Sept 30th. The sooner we have a executive in place, the sooner we have insurance, the sooner we can start planning trips.....

We are also looking to start a book and map library and a have supply of gear available for members to rent/borrow. If you have any books or gear you are willing to donate to help us out, let us know.

Craig Nichol UBC Okanagan

Invalid Email Addresses

The following names and emails can not be tracked down. If you know these people, please help me out with a valid email:

  • Diana Tettaski (spell?)
  • Austin Taylor

Contact Info


Proposed Constitution

September, 2006


Okay, what do you think it takes to run an outdoor club? There are some stock words and phrases that go into filling out the club forms, and most can be changed as the club evolves. Getting started, it is all about people who love the outdoors. So, what/who do you think is needed? Sign up for a WIKI account, anyone can do it, and get out your editing pens. The descriptions here come from the VOC Vancouver constituion (with 14+ people running the club cut down to 6) and the UBCSU standard forms. Do you think this covers everything? Does it seem evenly split between people?

If you are thinking about taking on one of these roles, have a read.


5.1 General

5.1.1 Each Executive Officer shall present a full written report of his or her year’s duties, actions, contracts, inventories and all other pertinent and valuable information to the new Executive at the General Meeting prior to the Joint Executive Meeting. 5.1.2 Any officer who requires assistance with his/her duties may request the services of volunteers or an appointed committee. 5.1.3 Any officer not fulfilling his/her duties as decided by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive, and subject to the same vote at a General Meeting, must resign. 5.1.4 Term of office begins at the Joint Executive Meeting in the Spring.

5.2 Executive Duties

5.2.1 President / Trips Coordinator	Preside at all Executive and General Meetings.	Act as coordinator of all Executive positions.	Be an ex-officio member of all committees.	Be responsible for coordinating all regular Club trips.	Be responsible for organizing our instructional outdoors schools.	Ensure there is a suitable schedule of trips of all levels for our Members.	Act as a resource for Members who wish to lead trips.	Maintain the relationship of the VOC Okanagan with the VOC Vancouver in a manner which promotes interaction of the members of both clubs.

5.2.2 Vice President / Outdoor Club Liaison	Assist the president in all his/her duties.	Organize all Club social functions.	Organize an annual banquet to be held in April.	Act as the Club’s representative to the Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Columbia (FMCBC).	Act as the Club’s representative to the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC). 

5.2.3 Treasurer / Membership	Be responsible for all Club financial matters, especially budgeting.	Organize the membership drive.	Record eligibility for membership according to qualifications completed.	Maintain a list of members.	Publish, by October 31st, a handbook of all paid-up members, plus Alumni and Honorary members who have requested in writing to be included. 

5.2.4 Secretary	Keep minutes of the Executive and General Meetings, file minutes for the year, and post a copy of the same in an obvious place within one week of Meetings.	Be responsible for liaison with the UBCSU executive	Be responsible for ensuring the proper registration and renewal of the club in accordance with UBCSU policy.	Be responsible for all mail correspondence, collecting mail, and ensuring that it is answered or otherwise dealt with in a timely manner.	Assist the Treasurer with revision of the Membership Handbook and other membership documents.	Organize bookings of rooms for VOC O events on Campus.

5.2.5 Quartermaster	Maintain Club equipment.	Maintain an inventory of Club Equipment	Maintain the VOC O library, guide books, maps, old journals and current records.	Set deposits and policy for equipment, subject to Executive approval.	Maintain regular hours for taking out and bringing back equipment.	Be responsible for the internal marketing of all VOC publications and sundries, such as maps, guide books, VOC O shirts, journals, songbooks.	In the event that the required deposit was not taken, assume financial responsibility to the extent of the appropriate deposit.

5.2.6 Webmaster / Journal Editor	Be responsible for the construction, maintenance and content of the VOC Okanagan web site	Act as liaison with the webmaster of the VOC Vancouver website to maintain a joint web presence, including the coordination of a joint VOC/ VOC O wiki.	Be responsible for the editing and publishing of an annual Journal, to coincide with the Annual Banquet, typically in April.	Be responsible for the editing, updating, publishing and external marketing of all VOC publications including those not published on an annual basis.	Keeps a list of email addresses of all the members who wish to receive any newsletters.	Actively seek out material to publish on the website, or in newsletters.