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Brew Hut Smackdown–Dec 5

My son, Devlin, was all fired up to skin up to Brew on his own steam. I’d been looking at the snow forecast thinking that maybe it wasn’t meant to be this weekend but we went anyways because he didn’t … Continue reading

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A Semi-Alcoholic Speed Traverse

Although most people have put away their skis for the year, late May / early June is my favourite time of year for ski touring, in particular for fast traverses. The snow stays firm well into the late morning, you … Continue reading

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Owl-Tenquille traverse in a day

Earlier this season Line did some planning for the Owl-Tenquille as a possible traverse option; they ended up doing the Powder Mountain traverse, but my interest was perked. Somehow this strip of alpine between Mt. Currie and the Hurley had … Continue reading

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Two and a half VOC Huts in a Week

by Cassandra, Isabel, Tom and Roland Participants: Tom, Benoit, Roland, Isabel and Cassandra This trip was altogether a special trip! Even though we set out to visit and fix up three of the four VOC huts in a week, only … Continue reading

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A Spring Ascent of Mount Garibaldi

Usually I dread waking up early in the morning, as I thoroughly enjoy my 11 hours of weekend beauty sleep, but this weekend was an exception. This weekend, I’d be climbing Mount Garibaldi. I jumped out of bed at 4:30am … Continue reading

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