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It's a long weekend so you get to choose (depends a bit on who you get a ride with). Friday Apr 2 and Monday Apr 5 are both public holidays. The weather might hint to us, which days are better.

Pre-trip Meeting

Date: Wednesday, March 31th, 2010
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: VOC clubroom

What to do Up There?

Ski (or snowshoe), dig snow caves. Get wet. Get dry.Hang out in the Hut. Burn wood. Eat, sleep, sing, laugh, tell outrageous stories etc.


This is our most beginner-friendly Hut, depending somewhat on the weather. VOC people who have never been to a Hut are especially welcome and we probably won't leave you to die on the trip in. If your skiing is sketchy, snowshoes will probably work. Talk to Philippe.

Special Equipment Needed

  • At this time of the year you can go snowblind in three hours when out of the forest, so dark glasses are strongly recommended. Also a hat with brim, and sunscreen.
  • If you have no clue about avalanches. then bringing avi gear won't help you much, except it does get you the opportunity to learn about it. But you should stay with somebody you trust to protect you from avalanches if you don't feel confident by yourself.
  • Hut should be warm so a not-too-warm sleeping bag should be fine. Sleeping mat. Fuel for the Coleman stove. A pot for cooking.
  • Ski gear or snowshoes. Gaiters are good. Rain gear if the weather is iffy. Something warm, like a sweater or a down jacket. Gloves or mitts.

How Many?

The Hut usually holds about 15 people depending on the weather. But if there are already 22 people signed up as "interested", don't let that discourage you, because most of these people will bail.

Interested or better

Put your name here if you are interested, or even keen, and any details like if you have a car. If you discover you are no longer interested, remove your name, please.

  1. Philippe LeBillon (leader) has a car
  2. Phil Tomlinson
  3. I think Vicky's game as well (she needs to double check that she's free ) has a car
  4. Olivier Thommen I am definitely interested - only 2-3 days though - exams:(
  5. Merick Moritz interested as well.... X
  6. Daniel Kirzner-Priest interested, but don't ski. Is snow shoeing a possibility for this trip?
  7. Laura Davies Probably only 3 days though
  8. Sylvia Lim if I can do it on snowshoes X
  9. Roland Burton interested has a car
  10. Jared Easton/Amy Hooper will be coming if we can get a ride. X X
  11. Philip Ketterer interested
  12. Klara Sedlacek- very intersted
  13. Emily Payne - interested X
  14. Stanislav Sedlacek- interested as well
  15. Maya Goldstein
  16. Gili Rosenberg (has a car)
  17. Winny Fung, interested (snowboard, no car) X
  18. Aaron Post, interested will snowshoe X
  19. Omar Abril, stoked + interested X
  20. Angela Phung- Interested! X
  21. Tyler Hawkins- interested! X
  22. Doris Leong
  23. Avery Gottfried
  24. Len Goff
  25. James Murphy - definitely interested, have car, happy to drive
  26. Ignacio - interested, could rent a car
  27. Pascale - as above
  28. Daisy - definitely interested, have car! (never skied, snowshoe ok?)


  1. Philippe Le Billon (UBC) - Friday - Saturday
  2. Olivier
  3. Daisy SNS
  4. Daniel SNS
  5. Len
  1. Vicky - Friday - Sunday
  2. Phil
  3. Doris
  4. Avery
  1. Roland Burton SNS (Dunbar) Friday - Sunday
  2. Chris Petrus
  3. James
  4. Philip
  5. Laura at Wendy's/Tim Horton's in Squamish
  1. Gili Rosenberg (UBC) Friday - Sunday
  2. Maya
  3. Pascale
  4. Ignacio
  5. Jacob
  1. Klara (Burnaby) Friday - Sunday
  2. Stan