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Message Board Post for questions about the trip

This is a 4-day, 3-night bike tour involving several ferries. We will leave on Aug 9 and come back on Aug 12 in the evening.

Pre Trip Meeting

The pre trip meeting for this trip has passed. Please contact organizers if you would like to join.

The Route

Day 1

9am Meet at Horseshoe Bay ferries with bikes and stuff

9:40am Horseshoe Bay --> Langdale. ferry. ($15)

83 km biking Langdale --> Earls Cove.

3:10pm or 5:35pm Earls Cove --> Saltery Bay. ferry.($14.50)

If slow, camp at Saltery Bay provincial park

32km to Powell River

Camp in Powell River. Willingdon Beach campsite. 4845 marine Ave

total distance to bike 115km

Day 2

8am or 12pm. Powell River --> Comox. ferry (14.50)

12km to Courtenay

74km to Parksville

If behind schedule, camp in Rathtrevor Beach park

32km to Nanaimo

Stay in a hostel such as:

total distance to bike 118 km

Day 3

About 100km biking from Nanaimo to Leechtown

Ninja camp on Forest Service Road

If slow and this is day 4, take Mill Bay ferry to Brentwood Bay. They leave more or less every hour from 8am to 6:30pm.

total distance to bike ~100 km

Day 4

Bike the Galloping Goose trail (under 100km), Leechtown to Sooke to Victoria to Swartz Bay

7pm or 9pm. Swartz Bay --> Tsawassen. ferry ($16)

If some people want to stay an extra night, ferries run starting 7am every hour the next morning.

Total distance to bike: 419 km This includes 88km on the Galloping Goose Trail on day 4 which can be bypassed via the Mill Bay ferry if we need to bail due to lack of time. Total ferry costs: $60

total distance to bike 85km


You should be able to (and want to) ride a bike for the whole day -- we'll do about 100km a day, which probably means about 7 hours a day at a reasonably relaxed speed.


  • water bottles
  • first breakfast
  • some snacks
  • access to money
  • headlamp
  • sunscreen/bugspray
  • sunglasses
  • pocket knife/multitool
  • lighter
  • clothing
  • swimwear if you want
  • raingear
  • eating utensils
  • camera if you want
  • sleeping bag and mat
  • toileteries
  • bike lock
  • phone
  • your own first aid things like medication
  • anything else you want to bring and are willing to carry yourself

Bike Related Gear

  • bike
  • bike rack if you have
  • comfortable panniers or big uncomfortable backpack
  • helmet
  • bike specific clothing if you have them
  • front and rear bike lights
  • batteries
  • spare tube
  • straps and bungee cords to secure stuff onto bike rack

A cyclocross road bike or hybrid bike would be best but technically anything else works too.

Communal gear

  • repair kit- chris
  • bike pump -- maria
  • tents- katia (3person); chris (5person)
  • stove- maria, vera, angela
  • first aid kit - maria
  • backroad mapbook photocopies -- maria
  • bike guidebook photocopies -- chris
  • galloping goose trail maps -- maria
  • goldstream park map -- maria
  • bike locks -- maria, sars, billy


There are only so many busses with bike racks and each bus can only take 2 people, so sign up for a bus or indicate that you will be using a bike rack (check that someone can drive you! we are not coming back to the same location! check that the bike rack fits the car!)

The following is a schedule of buses that take you from Georgia and Howe (Van Art Gallery) to the Horseshoe Bay ferries. The last of the listed buses will be a backup -- in case more bikers show up and you are unable to get on your bus.

bus # 257. 8:19am -> 9:01am (backup bus)

bus # 250. 8:06am -> 8:58am (bus 1): Sars

bus # 257. 8:01am -> 8:43am (bus 2): Sherri

bus # 250. 7:36am -> 8:26am (bus 3)

  1. Maria Markov (bike rack)
  2. Chris Yuen (bike rack)
  3. Billy Fung (bike rack)
  4. Sahriar Kabir
  5. Katia J (bike rack)
  6. Angela Phung (bike rack)
  7. Sherri Tran