Lillooet Icefield

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The Lillooet icefield is the most accessible of the large coast range icefields from Vancouver, and is very well suited to sled based ski touring


There are four main access points to the icefield, plus you can fly in by helicopter or ski plane

Slim Creek

From Goldbridge, logging roads and then a snowmobile trail up Slim creek give access to alpine country at the head of the creek. Continuing west over gentle ridges and glaciers gives easy access to the North Bridge Glacier and then onto the main part of the icefield. The terrain is esecially well suited to pulling sleds all the way from the Slim Creek road to the icefield.

Salal Creek

A logging road up salal creek from the Lillooet River doesn't make it to treeline, but it's not far from the end of the road to easy skiing where the valley opens up. Salal Creek is probably the fastest access to the main body of the icefield without flying in.

Tchaikazan Valley

It's a long drive to the Taseko Lake from Vancouver, but the road to Taseko Lake Lodge is plowed. At the south end of the lake (20km more) is the head of the Tchaikazan Valley, which can be reached by vehicle is there isn't too much snow around. Skiing up the Tchaikazan gives access to Mt. Monmouth and the northern portion of the icefield.

Meager Creek

Coming from Meager Creek, the icefield can be reached by crossing the meagre group to Manatree Creek, and then skiing a high ridge connecting the Manatee Range with the plateau around Mt. Dalgliesh. This approach is steep and difficult, and not well suited to sleds. It's better used as an exit from the icefield than as an approach.


Mt. Stanley

An easy ski up the gentle north face, which makes an awesome ski run

Mt. Dalgleish

Another easy ski ascent from the north side. The south side of Dalgleish is a jaw dropping 7000ft. down to the Toba River. Amazing view from the Summit.

Mt. Tait

Not the highest summit around, but an enjoyable class 2 scramble on clean granite blocks up the SE ridge.