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The Golden Ears are some beautiful peaks overlooking the lower mainland. I admire them as I ride down 8th avenue on clear days. It takes about an hour to drive to the trailhead. This hike is a long day hike with a fair bit of elevation gain, but with nothing more than reasonable fitness, we should be able to do the easy scramble up the peak(s). So, this is beginner and family friendly. Expect to start early in the morning though. Saturday October 16th is the day. We can all be back for the MEC Gear Swap on Sunday.

We need people to drive. So, the number of people that can come is dependent on the amount of rides we can provide collectively for each other.

Trip organizer is Skyler Des Roches (find me on the member list if you need to contact me).

Trip Meeting

The pre-trip meeting will be on Thursday, October 14 at 5 pm in the VOC clubroom in the basement of the SUB. The meeting will serve to sort out rides, and make sure everyone is happy. If the weather looks horrendous, we can also choose a lower-elevation trail at this point.

Gear Required

It's important that you have a decent pair of hiking boots/shoes. Also bring a gigantic lunch (like 3 meals), at least 2L of water, and rain-gear/layers.


No Write.png Signup Closed
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened on 16-10-2010. Please do not sign up for it.

Our trip limit mostly depends on if we can all get rides.

  1. Skyler Des Roches
  2. Gemma Grimes (I want to come but I don't have a car)
  3. Jennifer Bosnick (I would need a ride, I'll try to find a vehicle)
  4. Amara Frumkin (I'd love a ride, please!)
  5. Jenna Dur (also without transportation..)
  6. Ian Johnston (I would need a ride)
  7. Michael Hyde (Love to come, New to VOC, Need Ride!)
  8. De Wet van Niekerk
  9. Conrad Koziol
  10. Carolyn Rapanos
  11. Eliza Christie
  12. Mia Bertanjoli (new to VOC, need a ride!)
  13. Bieke Gils
  14. Marie Berling
  15. Tom Curran
  16. Alexane St-Amant

Vehicle List

Sign up here if you have a vehicle. Sign up with a driver if you need a ride.

  • De Wet van Niekerk - UBC
  1. Jenna Dur ^ thanks for driving!
  2. Carolyn Rapanos
  3. Bieke Gils
  4. Marie Berling