Newest Brew Trail Work Hike (June 22-23)

Overnight workers: Roland Burton, Carla, Deb Conrady, Ross Campbell, Ru Lai

Day warriors: Stephanie Grothe, Clemens Adolphs, Gili Rosenberg, Steven Baldwin, Matthew Topham

Day 1

We cleared the 150m path of logs and made a new trail.


Photo Credit: Deb Conrady


Gili put up a lot of trail markers and he had wonderful assistance.

WestLion_FromCypress 062

Steve hammering. Gili and Steph as ladders. Photo credit: Clemens(?) (Steph’s camera)


Gili was doing an excellent job at putting up markers. We enjoyed watching him. Photo credit: Ru Lai



On Saturday evening, the overnight warriors played the infamous plastic pigs game from Ross and he won again. Then, the view from Brew became incredible.


Sunset view to Black Tusk, Garabaldi, and beyond. We thought about the day trippers at Mount Price. Photo Credit: Ru Lai


We admired Mount Fee and talked about the Alcoholic Traverse Photo credit: Ru Lai


Day 2


Guess who’s legs are these?


Ru on top of Mt. Brew with Tantalus in the background. Photo credit: Deb Conrady


Snow and clear sky in June at the Brew. Photo credit: Ru Lai


Roland watching Ross doing the turns. Photo credit: Ru Lai


1. The trail is now very straightforward, except for one horizontal trunk just after the clear cut. It’s not a big problem unless you are carrying skis or very tall.

2. There is a lot of firewood on Mount Brew. Strong VOC volunteers are cheaper than flying in a $2k helicopter.

3. Roland has kindly ordered the new windows.

4. The Brew Hut needs the newest edition of the VOC Journal.

5. There was enough room in the wood shack to put a carboy for brewing at the Brew Hut using the water from Brew Lake in the trip Brew^2. So excited!


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3 Responses to Newest Brew Trail Work Hike (June 22-23)

  1. Scott Nelson says:

    I’m curious which sections of the trail needed more markers?

  2. Stephanie Grothe says:

    Mostly add the start where there was lots of logging, at the forest some markers got damaged and so we replaced them and we added a few close to the hut higher up where there were none

  3. Scott Nelson says:

    Indeed snow creep can rip the markers right off trees, and the snow pack does get really deep in there. The flat markers seem to be a lot better in this regard than the double sided right angle markers.

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