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| [[user:Ilya|Ilya Capralov]] || 2017-2018 VOCene Editor
| [[user:Ilya|Ilya Capralov]] || 2017-2018 VOCene Editor
| Crystal Kyto ||
| Crystal To ||
| Graham Brown ||
| Graham Brown ||

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The VOC has used it's current VOC Hut Registration Board for 13 years and has been a highly valuable space for encouraging discourse, cooperation and coordination in the backcountry. However, this board is not all that it can be or has the potential to be. This project seeks to build a new registration board. Information about the VOC's website and the VOC wiki can be found at VOCWiki:About

This page will be used for documenting the progress the project.

Team Members

Name Role
George Hill 2016-2018 Huts Coordinator
Ilya Capralov 2017-2018 VOCene Editor
Crystal To
Graham Brown
Borislav Grigorov
Dmitry Narkevich

Project Documents

Documents for the project should be kept on the google drive which all team members have access to. Publicly releasable documents should be linked to from this section.

Links Documents Media

Project Schedule

Task Completion Goal Completion Date
Architectural Concept 2017.10.31 2017.10.30
Consultations & Feedback 2017.11.07 2017.11.06
Engineering Concept 2018.12.21
First Build Complete 2018.02.01
Second Build Complete 2018.02.01
Consultations & Feedback 2018.03.07
Third Build Complete 2018.04.01
Final Build Complete 2018.05.01