A Guide to Ski Touring in the Lower Coast Range

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Ski Route and Maps

<googlemap width="500" height="700" lat="50.206317" lon="-123.002065" zoom="9" controls="large" scale="yes" type="hybrid" doubleclick="zoom"> (A) 49.613379,-123.066444, test & Loch Lomond (B) 49.745338,-123.337669, Mount Sedgewick (C) 49.775276,-122.850830, Mamquam Mountain (D) 49.813176,-123.029194, Alice Ridge (E) 49.825558,-123.007225, Diamond Head & Garibaldi Neve Traverse (F) 49.85499954223633,-123.05829620361328, Brohm Ridge (G) 49.9283332824707,-122.98833465576172, Sphinx Bay & Garibaldi Neve Traverse (H) 49.968558,-123.022499, Black Tusk Meadows (I) 50.005863,-122.987823, Helm Creek & Cheakamus Lake (J) 50.049975,-122.895985, Singing Pass (Via Trail), Singing Pass (Via Lift), Spearhead Traverse (K) 50.149186,-122.854443, Rethel Creek (L) 49.933613,-123.236389, Cloudburst Mountain (M) 50.0400276184082,-123.19108581542969, Brew Hut & Powder-Cap Traverse (N) 50.114700,-123.221100, Brandywine Mountain & Metal Dome (O) 50.140166,-123.287201, Powder-Cap Traverse (P) 50.198612213134766,-123.1897201538086, Callaghan Lake, Powder-Cap Traverse (Q) 50.179699,-123.053299, Rainbow Mountain & Mount Sproatt (R) 50.370868,-123.365479, Pemberton Ice Cap (S) 50.528889,-123.380836, Overseer Mountain (T) 50.325558,-122.991386, Ipsoot Mountain (U) 50.53333282470703,-122.91666412353515, Tenquille Lake (V) 50.68722152709961,-122.59388732910156, McGillivray Pass (W) 50.133331298828125,-122.38333129882812, Lizzie Lake (X) 50.033327,-123.078632, Black Tusk Microwave Road


(A) Omer lakes & Loch Lomond
(B) Mount Sedgwick
(C) Mamquam
(D) Alice Ridge
(E) Diamond Head & Neve Traverse
(F) Brohm Ridge
(G) Sphinx Bay & Neve Traverse
(H) Black Tusk Meadows
(I) Helm Creek & Cheakamus Lake
(J) Singing Pass (Via Trail) & Singing Pass (Via Lift) & Spearhead Traverse
(K) Rethel Creek
(L) Cloudburst Mountain
(M) Brew Hut & Powder-Cap Traverse
(N) Brandywine Mountain & Metal Dome
(O) Powder-Cap Traverse
(P) Callaghan Lake, Telemagique Ridge & Powder-Cap Traverse
(Q) Rainbow Mountain, Beverley Creek, Puma Peak, Gin Peak & Mount Sproatt
(R) Pemberton Ice Cap
(S) Overseer
(T) Ipsoot Mountain
(U) Tenquille Lake
(V) McGillivray Pass
(W) Lizzie Lake
(X) Microwave Road
(NA) Frosty Mountain