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=== Tent and Food groups ===
=== Tent and Food groups ===
# '''Roland Burton''' has a 2 person tent and is sharing tent and food with Angela Phung.  If somebody else needs tent space, I could instead bring the more spacious 3 person tent, and expand food to three, but if you want this, let me know soon.
# '''Roland Burton''' has a 3 person tent and is sharing tent and food with '''Angela Phung''' and '''Charlie Beard'''.  I can expand the food and fuel to include Charlie if he tells me to.
# '''Avery Gottfried + Doris Leong''' sharing 2-person tent, food, cooking
# '''Avery Gottfried + Doris Leong''' sharing 2-person tent, food, cooking
# '''Spencer Rasmussen''' pots, 2-person 3-season tent I could borrow, if I can find a ride for my roommate, I'll share with him - Any more car spots left? yep! yer housemate is signed up.
# '''Spencer Rasmussen'''  and ''' roommmate'''pots, 2-person 3-season tent.

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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


A trip with our sister club VOC Okanogan. We plan to hit Needle Peak, about half-way between UBC and UBCO, just off the Coquihalla. It would offer simple terrain, with easy access for snowshoeing or skiing in. Needle peak offers opportunity for skiing and/or snowcave building. We could build a massive quinzhee big enough to stand up in and have a party!! Tents would be good to bring of you plan to maximize ski time as snowcaves can take a while to build.

Any questions, pls post on the message board. Chances are somebody else may have the same question.

Update 9th March: There weren't all that many people who could actually make the pretrip so we couldn't really discuss leaving times, stoves and food groups. I've put people into car groups based on where they live, though this may be subject to change should more people sign up and space become an issue.

I'm going to get up early tomorrow (10th) and look into travel times from Van and Kelowna to Needle. I should have an email round participants by 9am. VOCO are leaving K at 5:30am. We could either meet them at the trailhead or a pre-determined campsite (anyone know good spots? I've not been before)

If there are any more people interested I'm cutting off signup at 6pm tomorrow (10th) - I know there's a few trips that fell apart this weekend, so there are probably people looking for something to do. In the meantime if you could post tent and stove ownership on the Wiki next to your names that would be wicked.

Update 10th March Here's a useful website with some directions to the car park and GPS points which can be opened in Google Earth. The Kelowna group are leaving at 5:30, so to meet them at the trailhead we need to have picked up the last passengers and be heading east by 5:45. (Veenstra says 2hrs to Needle, Google maps says 2:38 from UBC).

So, I found us a good spot to camp - it's got a lake, several ski options incl nearby shallow slopes and is 1.8km from the summit of needle peak, should conditions permit a summit on sunday (see link). There's a ridge which ascends from the trailhead to the needle-flatiron col, then the trail splits to needle and to the lake (see map). We'll let the first group up decide whether to camp at the lake or nearer the needle summit/lake col (if there's somewhere suitable that is closer to needle and in view of the trail then why not).

Now to sort out tents, stoves and food. Doing this by email with such a big group is going to be ridiculous. Please post below with the equipment you have as soon as possible - tent/food partners etc. Let's try and keep this within car groups too to simplify the situation. Hopefully we will sort most people out and we can deal with everyone else via email tonight.


The pretrip meeting is Wednesday March 9th, 6:15pm, in the clubroom. It will start promptly, so don't be late!

The trip is Mar 12th - 13th, 2011

Equipment List

This page has a good list of what people bring on a standard ski trip where we camp: Gear_lists#ski_tent_trip.

A basic list to start with is:

  • A set of non-cotton clothes
  • A wool sweater or fleece
  • Some sort of waterproof(ish) layer
  • Gloves or mitts
  • Toque
  • Headlamp - ESSENTIAL
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen. (We're hoping for good weather)
  • Shovel, Beacon, Probe
  • Food (Dinner, two lunches, and a breakfast.)
  • Snowshoes/Skis and Poles
  • Sleeping bag + mat
  • A big smile!

Sign Up

No Write.png Signup Closed
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened on 12-3-2011. Please do not sign up for it.

Current limit for trip participants is 15 from each club. We'll may take more depending on cars and avalanche conditions.

Signup for More Experienced folks (VOC)

Please email Charlie if you're adding your name to the list

  1. Charlie Beard
  2. Veenstra (car for 5, AST2, will bring single person tent and cook for myself unless somebody contacts me about sharing)

Signup for More Experienced folks (VOCO)

Please email Heather if you're adding your name to the list

  1. Heather Buckingham (Avi 2)
  2. Chris Perra (Avi 2)
  3. Jordan Harrington (Avi 2? - at least Avi 1)

Trip Participants (VOC)

There's no waitlist, just add your name to the end. We'll see how we do for lifts at the pretrip. Please indicate if you'd be skiing or snowshoeing, if you have a car and avi training

  1. Katie Gibson (snowshoeing, no car, no avi) - Chilliwack
  2. Angela Phung (Skiing, maybe car, no avi) - West 55th
  3. Roland Burton (has 3pp tent, skis, would very much prefer to not drive) - close to campus (dunbar)
  4. Avery Gottfried (Skiing, car, AST1) 16th and MacDonald
  5. Doris Leong (Skiing, avery has a car, AST1) - Kits
  6. Spencer Rasmussen (skiing, AST1 no car) - campusish
  7. Spencer's housemate

Trip Participants (VOCO)

  1. Nikos Schwelm (Avi 1)
  2. Will (don't know last name) (Avi 1)
  3. Greg Galloway (Avi 1)
  4. Brody Granger (Avi 1)
  5. Nada (don't know last name) (Avi 1)
  6. Kirsty Brown
  7. Bill Knight (Avi 1)
  8. Nora Toro (snowshoe)
  9. Joanna (snowshoe)

as well as 4 potentials:

  1. Asha Moyo
  2. Haley Wright
  3. Wyatt Klopp
  4. Rob Feeny

Drivers and Passengers

Note it is up to passengers to contact drivers and discuss pickup time and location.


  1. Veenstra
  2. Roland
  3. Charlie
  4. Spencer
  5. Spencer's housemate

'Tinkerbell' (From Kits)

  1. Doris
  2. Avery
  3. Angela
  4. Katie

Tent and Food groups

  1. Roland Burton has a 3 person tent and is sharing tent and food with Angela Phung and Charlie Beard. I can expand the food and fuel to include Charlie if he tells me to.
  2. Avery Gottfried + Doris Leong sharing 2-person tent, food, cooking
  3. Spencer Rasmussen and roommmatepots, 2-person 3-season tent.