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Round 1 of Brian Waddington Hut renovations this summer. Drive up Friday evening or Saturday morning early, haul in some stuff, do some work, spend night at Hut, do some more work, hike out, drive home.


May 23rd - 24th, 2009

To Do List (this round)

  • Clear boulders from the road so it's passable by high clearance 4x4s
  • Vanquish the mildew
  • Double glaze the windows
  • Fix the roof
  • (possibly) install Roland's Solar Device (TM)

Stuff to Haul In (weight)

  • No 62 Premium Mildew Stain Remover (20 lbs?), or bleach, (4 lbs?)
  • long-handled scrubbing brush (one lb)
  • Lexan windows, little metal clips, screws ( 40 lbs?)
  • Solar powered fan to promote hut dryness (3 lbs)
  • Optional solar air heater, 2' x 8', unpleasant to carry.


  1. Veenstra
  2. Roland
  3. justin hall (the electrician so may be of use to any power related projects)
  4. Colin V

Cars, drivers

  • Roland, Isuzu Trooper, leaving from near UBC
  1. CV