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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


An easy beginner friendly trip up to Red Heather on Saturday November 20th.

Skin up to the Red Heather hut, should be at the Hut by about lunchtime, then go and play round doing some yo-yo skiing in the open fields above the hut for the afternoon. If we are feeling ambitious, we could push on to Elfin Lakes, but we can discuss this at the pre-trip and/or decide at the moment.

Be back in Vancouver sometime on Saturday night, depending on how good the snow conditions are.

Why is this Beginner Friendly? - this trip is beginner friendly in the sense that beginners to skiing are welcome and we will be happy to teach and wait for them, not in the sense that it is easy or safe. See the VOC definition of beginner friendly Here.

Questions? Email Katherine Valentine or Len Goff.

Equipment List

See Gear List. You'll need this stuff to survive, really.

Note that you can borrow equipment from the club for free. Gear_rental does require a cash deposit, however. The gear list is there for a reason, cotton clothes have been tested and failed.

Gear that you can get from the club:

  • Skis (bindings are adjustable, ask when you pick them up, make sure they fit your boots)
  • Skins (ask the QM - they let your skis go uphill, quite necessary for this trip. Make sure they fit your skis)
  • Boots (make sure they fit your feet, and your skis)
  • Poles

Don't need avalanche gear.

Driving Directions

The road washed out at the start of the year so there's a Diamond Head Access Detour: Please use route through Quest University to get onto the Mamquam/Ring Creek Road that is used to access the Diamond Head Area of Garibaldi Park, as there is a washout on the lower portion of Mamquam Road. Directions for the detour are as follows:

  • Turn right on Mamquam Road off HW 99 (north bound) as to normally access park,
  • turn left on Highlands Way S,
  • turn right onto The Boulevard and follow this road straight for ~1.5km until you reach a round-about at Quest University,
  • take the first right on the round-about and follow this road to where it meets Mamquam Road,
  • turn left onto Mamquam Road and continue to the Diamond Head Parking Area as per usual directions.

Sign Up

The trip meeting is Wednesday November 17th, 6:00pm, in the clubroom

If you can't attend the Pre-Trip meeting but still want to go contact Len Goff or Katherine Valentine and one of the drivers to make sure you have a ride.

No Write.png Signup Closed
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened on 20-11-2010. Please do not sign up for it.

Trip limited to 20 but if more want to come that will probably work too.

Please indicate skill level - both skiing and avalanche and also if you have a car

  1. Katherine Valentine (organizing), no car
  2. Len Goff (organizing), no car, can show people the fine art of skiing tele without actually skiing tele
  3. Gwyn Thomas (survived going up to red heather a few times/ have done AST 1/ have car with space for 3 other people
  4. Claire Bouffard (downhill, no avalanche, no car)
  5. Michael Uhlmann (did some skiing a long time ago, no car)
  6. Niklas Emthén (lots of downhill experience + decent telemarker, some touring experience, have a minivan)
  7. Caitlin (some ski, no avi, no car)
  8. Johan Banck (downhill, no touring, no car)
  9. Yewon Kim (beginner in skiing, no car)
  10. Ian Saari (beginner, no car)
  11. Alex Annejohn (beginner, no car)
  12. Mel Tan (snowshoeing, outdated AST1, car with me, Devyani + 2 others, leaving from Coquitlam likely)
  13. Devyani Atkar (snowshoeing beginner, no avalance, ride with Mel)
  14. Bieke Gils (downhill and tele, no avalanche, no car)
  15. Annie Maurer (downhill + xc + some touring/ no avalanche/ no car)
  16. Alexis Guigue (downhill + xc + some touring + some tele/ no avalanche/ car + no gear, i.e., would like to be able to borrow tele gear from VOC)
  17. Maki Sumitani (on beginner side in skiing but some experience tele, no avi, no car)
  18. Dan Eagen (snowshoes "advanced" [are there levels of snowshoeing?] , no car)
  19. Spencer Rasmussen
  20. Conrad Koziol
  21. Shuval Haramati
  22. Pawel Mirski
  23. Martin Becker
  24. Marcin Mirski
  25. Stephen Lerch
  26. Alireza Sharif Bakhtiar + 1

Waiting list


Melissa Tan (leaving from Coquitlam via Burnaby)

  1. Devyani
  2. Pawel

Niklas Emthén

  1. Johan
  2. Alex
  3. Martin
  4. Maki
  5. Yewon

Shuval Haramati

  1. Dan
  2. Claire
  3. Annie
  4. Ian

Alexis Guigue

  1. Conrad
  2. Michael

Gwyn Thomas

  1. Katherine
  2. Caitlin

Stephen Lerch

  1. Len
  2. Marcin

Alireza Sharif Bakhtiar

  1. Spencer Rasmussen
  2. Bieke
  3. Other friend