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And the winners are: Doris Leong, Scott Webster and Christian Veenstra!

There will 2 shirts, Doris's design and a combination of Scott's (front) and Christian's (modified, back)

please indicate below what size you need and which shirt you would like, maybe even both!?

<br\> Advanced order<br\> To get an idea of how many shirts in each size we need, just increase the number of the size you want below. To guarantee you get a shirt in your size you should order in advance. You can order in advance once the design is decided on. We realize that you might not like the design or the color or the price, so we are not asking for a firm commitment, or a down payment, but if you think you might want one, that's good enough reason to post your numbers below. The difference between ladies and mens t-shirts is not at this point obvious. Perhaps small ladies is smaller than small mens, and perhaps pink will be offered to men only.<br\>

Sizes XS and XL have to be ordered in advance!!!

Doris's shirt

Girls <br\>

XS 1<br\> S 1<br\> M 1<br\> L 1<br\> XL 0<br\>

Boys <br\>

XS 0<br\> S 1<br\> M 4<br\> L 0<br\> XL 0<br\>

Scott/Christian's shirt

Girls <br\>

XS 1<br\> S 2<br\> M 0<br\> L 0<br\> XL 0<br\>

Boys <br\>

XS 0<br\> S 1<br\> M 5<br\> L 0<br\> XL 0<br\>