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# Chris P (tent, AST1)  
# Chris P (tent, AST1)  
# Richard So (tent, AST1, powder gangster)
# Richard So (tent, AST1, powder gangster)
# Christian S. (AST1)

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This is a trip for those who want to become familiar with winter camping and skiing in the backcountry without the comfort of a hut. We will be camping outside in the cold and snow,and skiing in the backcountry so participants should have some previous basic camping skills and some skiing skills. Winter Longhikeand Tele School would both be good preparation for this trip.

See main article for details on what this trip involves.


Breanne Johnson is organizing this trip. However, leaders are needed in order to accomodate more beginners. Contact Breanne if you have enough winter camping and skiing experience to share around.

Equipment List

See Intro to Backcountry Skiing main articlefor a detailed equipment list. Pay special attention to the "Ski Hardware" and "Avalanche Safety Gear" sections. Avalanche transceivers, shovels, and probes are mandatory for this trip. You will also need backcountry skis (either telemark or touring), boots, poles, and skins.

Avalanche Education

It is recommended that you educate yourself about avalanches before the trip. Consider reading through the online avalanche course.


January 29-30, 2011


We will be skiing to Caspar Creek

Pre-trip meeting

6:00pm Jan 26, VOC clubroom

Sign Up

No Write.png Signup Closed
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened on 29-01-2011. Please do not sign up for it.

Indicate if you have a car or tent, your skiing level, and if you have AST.

Trip Leaders: Please contact Breanne before signing up to be a trip leader.

  1. Breanne Johnson (AST1)
  2. Gili Rosenberg (car, tent, AST1)
  3. Ben Singleton-Polster (Maybe has to work. Maybe comes for some of it?)
  4. Scott Webster (car, tent, AST2)
  5. Chris P (tent, AST1)
  6. Richard So (tent, AST1, powder gangster)
  7. Christian S. (AST1)


  1. Spencer Rasmussen AST1, decent skier, no car or tent
  2. Maya Goldstein
  3. Sherri Tran (beginner)
  4. Gwyn Thomas (AST 1, two person tent, beginner but have survived a few trips)
  5. Noriko O (no avi training - uphill skier)
  6. Lucy Squibb (no car/tent, good skier, AST1)
  7. Jeff Taylor (no car, 3-season tent only, beginner, no avi)
  8. Conrad Koziol (survival skier, no avi, 3 season tent)
  9. Olek Splawinski (car, AST1, sideburns)
  10. Mariana Gonzalez (no car-3 season tent-beginer)

Waiting List The more Leaders we get, the more Participants can come!

Ninjas (it's always better to have a few along)

  1. Skyler "Want to be taught how to backcountry ninja" Des Roches(4-season tent, can ski, avi training, no ninjutsu training)


Indicate where you are leaving from and the number of seats

Vehicle 1, leaving from

  1. passenger
  2. passenger
  3. passenger


Tents should be 4 season.

Tent 1