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Stove owners please post your stove here. This will be finalized at the pre-trip meeting.
Stove owners please post your stove here. This will be finalized at the pre-trip meeting.
# Dan - stove.
*'''Food group''' To be finalized at the pre-trip meeting.
*'''Food group''' To be finalized at the pre-trip meeting.

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October 23rd - 24th, 2010

Pre-Trip Meeting

There will a mandatory pre-trip meeting Wednesday October 20th in the club room. We will discuss details including rides, tent and food groups then.

General Information

Main article: Hot spring trips

There is a common misconception within the outdoors community that there is a time, between summer climbing/hiking season and winter ski season, when the rain closes in, and there is nothing to do. This legend of "the off season" persists, but for centuries a (moderately) hardy band of "adventurers" have braved the elements to search out hidden pools of geothermal delight, and soak in the splendour of natural hot springs at a time when it's too wet to climb, too crap to ski, but just perfect for relaxation.

This trip is indented to drive up various logging roads into the wilderness of BC and have an enjoyable relaxing weekend soaking in some natural sources of delightfully hot water. This is a great way to get out of the city and forget all about the midterms and assignments and release all tension, both physical and mental, built up by our busy lives. This will be a low output trip that won't involve more than 20-30 min (steep) approach. Most people go nude in hot springs, bathing suits will be optional for our group.

The plan is to drive up as early as possible on Saturday morning, find the springs, and soak for the rest of the day. When our bodies can take no more, off to sleep it is until the morning, when we dive right back into the pools. We can leave back to Vancouver at whichever time we choose.


To be determined at the pre trip meeting, but most likely location will be Keyhole (Pebble Creek) Hot Springs, Lillooet FSR

<googlemap lat="50.667747" lon="-123.455133" width="500" height="300" zoom="7" scale="yes" controls="large" type="terrain"> (A)50.667747, -123.455133, Trailhead </googlemap>

Trailhead: 10U 467836E 5612977N (WGS84 datum)


UBC to trailhead (km 43 Lillooet FSR). The pullout is located 7km past the Meager Creek turn off.

Bivouac page for the Lillooet River FSR (no recent updates)

Note: Fill up gas in Pemberton, it's a 90km round trip afterwards

  • Drive to Pemberton
  • At the stop light turn left (into Pemberton)
  • At the traffic circle turn left
  • Turn right onto Pemberton Meadows Rd (did you get gas?)
  • At the Pemberton Farm Rd Stop sign, turn left (stay on Pemberton Meadows Rd)
  • After 22 km, turn right. There is a big sign here: "Lillooet River Forest Service Road"
  • Cross the bridge onto the start of the gravel road
  • At km 9 fork Left (stay on Lillooet FSR, the right fork is the Hurley FSR)
  • At km 37 continue straight past the Meager Creek turn-off
  • At about km 42, a stream (sometimes more) crosses the road (4x4 HC sometimes needed)
  • Climb a short hill, curving to the right
  • The pull out is just past the climb, on the left

How much does it cost?

Wilderness hot springs are free, and way nicer than those fake "spa" places. All you need is gas money (~$25-30) (this is subject to negotiation with your driver). Bring cash.


While the terrain encountered is expected to be relatively beginner friendly, this is a backcountry hot springs trip, not a walk through Stanley Park. Accessing this wilderness hot springs location may involve a mild level of exertion, steep / slippery hiking if it is wet (which hopefully it will be, because hot springs are best in the rain/snow).

Participants should have overnight camping experience and a good attitude. Some camping skills are desirable. Bathing suits are very optional. Keep in mind that no one going on the trip is a professional guide, nor is anyone responsible for you. The trip is beginner friendly and we will all help each other out when needed, but that does not mean that someone will be taking care of you the whole weekend.

Additional Reading

What Do I Need?

Personal items are in regular font, shared items are in italic font


  • water bottle (at least 2L, unless you know yourself)
  • headlamp and batteries
  • sunscreen
  • sun glasses and/or goggles
  • map
  • compass
  • backpack
  • pocket knife
  • whistle
  • lighter and/or waterproof matches
  • first aid kit
  • Toilet Paper
  • tent
  • insect repellent or bug net

Clothing / Equipment

  • hiking boots
  • warm jacket (fleece or down)
  • long underwear (top and bottom)
  • toque / hat
  • mitts / gloves
  • weatherproof jacket (goretex or coated nylon or softshell if weather is forecast to be sunny)
  • weatherproof pants (goretex or coated nylon or softshell if weather is forecast to be sunny)
  • hiking poles?
  • gaiters


  • Lunch and snacks x2
  • Breakfast x1
  • Dinner x1


  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad
  • ear plugs, because somebody will snore (optional)

Cooking and Eating

  • bowl, spoon
  • Stove with fuel. If using white gas, for each person bring 75 mL
  • Pot and matching pot gripper
  • Toothbrush
  • water treatment{{#if:|

Climbing Gear

  • Helmet}}


  • Tarp (to put up between trees if it rains)
  • Waterproof sandals (for splashing around by the pools without getting your hiking boots wet
  • Dessert potluck contribution
  • Alcoholic potluck contribution

A tent and/or stove will be very useful, assuming you like to eat, and want to be warm and dry at night (as opposed to warm and wet during the day). If you don’t have one you can arrange to share with others.


Signup does not guarantee a spot on this trip. Only those who show up at the pre tip meeting, or speak to me (Will W.) in advance will be able to come so we can plan accordingly at the meeting.

Limit (for now) is 12 people.

  1. Will W.
  2. Dan E.

Wait List


Drivers please post your names here along with your vehicle capacity, vehicle type (2wd, 4wd or Awd) and departure location. This will be finalized at the pre-trip meeting.

  • Vehicle (number of spots spots) (leaving from)


Tent owners please post your tents here with tent capacity and other important info (about spooning, snoring etc). This will be finalized at the pre-trip meeting.

  1. Dan - 2 person, need to repair before the weekend.


Stove owners please post your stove here. This will be finalized at the pre-trip meeting.

  1. Dan - stove.

  • Food group To be finalized at the pre-trip meeting.