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To celebrate the end of another successful academic year, the VOC is holding its annual general meeting in the form of an annual banquet with a member potluck and special guest slideshow. The evening lineup includes:

  • Member Potluck
  • Annual General Meeting (2010-2011 Budget)
  • 2010-2011 VOC Executive Elections
  • Slideshow by Kelly Franz - "Splittercrack solidcam wickedline bomberjam -- a few of my favorite trips"
  • VOC Awards
  • Photo Contest Winners
  • Distribution of the VOCJ52


Wednesday, April 7th, 2010


St. James Community Centre
3214 10th West, Vancouver, BC

Who ?

VOC Members and Alumni!


  • Free if you arrive before 6:30 pm.
  • $2 if you arrive after 6:30 pm

Schedule and Details

  • 5:30 pm - Exec and anyone who wants to help shows up to get the place ready (All Exec)
  • 6:00 pm - Annual general meeting (AGM), 2009-2010 Budget Review & 2010-2011 Budget approval
  • 6:30 pm - 2010-2011 Exec Elections
    • Next year's executive will be elected! Nomination sheet is outside the VOC clubroom.
  • 7:00 pm - Potluck Dinner and Slideshow
  • 9:00 pm - VOC Awards, photo contest winners and Journal awards.
  • 10:00 pm - Distribution of the VOCJ52
  • 11:00 pm - The End. Anyone who can help clean up, please do. You will be much loved.


Kelly Franz and some of his climbing adventures.


Potluck dinner
All members should bring a dish (main course or dessert). Last year, we ran out of main courses and had a bit too many desserts. Sign up below and indicate what you're bringing so we don't end up with 17 of the same thing.

Main Courses

  1. Potato Salad - Paul "Packed a pile of peeled potatoes" Lanfranchi
  2. Perogies - Christian "I eat them frozen" Veenstra
  3. Something made from potatoes - Jacob "Because I found them in a dumpster" Slosberg
  4. Vegetable Tray - Nick "Digestive Tract Cleaner" Matwyuk
  5. Chicken of some sort - Roland "Chickens are cheap protein" Burton ; or maybe samosas
  6. Lamb Couscous - Vicky "I can't cook so Phil will make this for me" Alfred
  7. Chili - Philip "There are too many vegetarians" Ketterer
  8. Veggie Curry - Nick "that guy on the bus who smells like curry" Chng
  9. Cheese and Onion Quiche - Maya "not making dessert this time" Goldstein
  10. Bread of some sort - Line "like it homemade" Veenstra
  11. Okonomiyaki - Maki "I like it with lots of cabbage" Sumitani
  12. Something resembling lasagna - Kelvin "will not punish you with my cooking" Po
  13. Hashbrown Casserole - Doris "No such thing as too many potatoes" Leong
  14. Sunflower Seed Bread (homemade) - Gili "sunny this weekend, let's celebrate" Rosenberg
  15. Spinach Salad - Emily "to keep your muscles fueled for the" Payne
  16. Veggie Pasta- Emily "Pasta and veggies because it's cheap and delicious (I'm not vegetarian)" Ackroyd
  17. Lentil Stew - Evan/Greta "yet another veggie dish, but that's ok"


  1. Cookies - Phil "I have to work until 6 so I have to bring food that can sit in a pack all day" Tomlinson
  2. Gingerbread Biscotti Janine "b/c they're yummy and easy to make" Welton
  3. Brownies - Stephanie "mmm....chocolate..." Schmitt
  4. Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares - Scott "gluten free" Webster
  5. Ice cream and cones - Chris "better not melt" Yuen
  6. Apple crisp and Chocolate chip banana Bread - Christian "can't even make a lame quote" Champagne.
  7. Cheesecake - Billy F.
  8. Banana bread - Breanne "too many bananas in the cupboard" Johnson
  9. Chocolate chip cookies (non vegetarian/made with lard by accident) - Todd "so delicious they're dangerous" Mackenzie

  • Capped at 12 until more people sign up for main courses

  • Note: Bring your own plate/bowl, mug, fork, spoon to eat with.


Non-Alcoholic drinks only. Due to the AMS insurance cost for off-site events, we opted not to serve alcohol. Your friendly neighbourhood exec will be supplying beverages - remember to bring your mug!


If you'd like to get a workhike in and help sell t-shirts please sign up here!


You are requested to dress up and look spiffy. But if you can't possibly look spiffy, come anyway.