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# [http://www.ubc-voc.com/member/show_extended.php?target_id=1439 Ben Singleton-Polster]
# [http://www.ubc-voc.com/member/show_extended.php?target_id=1439 Ben Singleton-Polster]
# Phil
# Phil
# Mylene Lejay
# Ryan McKenzie (4 pass. spots)
# Zoe Kruchten
# Mohammad M
# Jill Kennedy
# Ryan McKenzie
# Nick C (bump me if another beginner wants to go and the trip is full)
# Philippe (Idem as Nick C)
# Emily Payne
# Ayoe
# Bob L (bump me if another beginner wants to go and the trip is full)
# Anette Heggoy
# Anette Heggoy
# [http://www.ubc-voc.com/wiki/Special:Emailuser/Ran Ran Z] (AST1, tent, will organize a trip if too many ppl here)<br>
# Eva-Maria W<br>
# Jennie T<br>
# Kristian (AST1, Tercedes 2WD)
# Christina M
# Alireza Sharif
# Brad Ward (tent, stove, AST1)
# Daniel Kirnzer-Priest
# Shauna Clarke
# Shauna Clarke
# Ryan Gustafson (car with room for 3, can help organize a trip for us waitlisters if needed)
# John Chen
# Shaun McCracken (4 pass. spots)
# Doris
# Avery
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'''Driver's Name''' [Leaving from,# of passengers, phone number]
'''Driver's Name''' [Leaving from,# of passengers, phone number]
*'''Ryan McKenzie''' (16th Ave & Arbutus)
#Ben SP
#Frances Sharpe
#Anette H
#John Chen
#Anette H
*'''Shaun McCracken''' (2nd Narrows)
#Zoe K
#Doris L
#Mylene L
#Eva-Maria W<br>
#Phil T
# Brad Ward
#Shauna Clarke
# Christina M

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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


This is a beginner-friendly trip (see Glossary), but non-instructional, so people should have an idea of what they would be getting into (ie, snow or (hopefully not) rain, cold, elevation gain to get to hut, etc.), but no-one will be left to fend for themselves :)


February 6th - 7th, 2010

Pre-trip Meeting (Mandatory)

Date: Wednesday Feb 3, 2010
Location: Club Room or outside the clubroom if it is locked
Time: 6:00 pm


Brew Hut


You should arrange to pick up your passengers and be driving over the Lions Gate Bridge at 6:00 am. If you plan on stopping at http://www.onatahcoffee.com/ (or elsewhere), adjust your departure time accordingly. We will meet at the parking lot at 7:30.

Return time on Sunday is negotiable with your driver.

Equipment List

Guidelines can be found on this page minus the tents


Sign Up

No Write.png Signup Closed
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened on 5-02-2010. Please do not sign up for it.

The limit is currently 15

  1. Frances Sharpe
  2. Ben Singleton-Polster
  3. Phil
  4. Ryan McKenzie (4 pass. spots)
  5. Anette Heggoy
  6. Shauna Clarke
  7. John Chen
  8. Shaun McCracken (4 pass. spots)
  9. Doris
  10. Avery


Remember to contact your driver to sort out pick up time, place etc.

Rides will be finalized at the pre-trip meeting. However please indicate here if you have a car, where you are leaving from and how many people you can transport. Be sure to include a phone number, at which you can be reached by your passengers.

Driver's Name [Leaving from,# of passengers, phone number]

  • Ryan McKenzie (16th Ave & Arbutus)
  1. Ben SP
  2. Frances Sharpe
  3. Anette H
  4. John Chen
  • Shaun McCracken (2nd Narrows)
  1. Doris L
  2. Avery
  3. Phil T
  4. Shauna Clarke