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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


This is a beginner-friendly trip (see Glossary), and we'll all but carry you if that's what it takes. Red Heather is the easiest and cheapest nice snow you will find anywhere. This trip is especially suitable for people who have to study Sunday, who have never been skiing, or who haven't done anything this year and want to get something out of the Club. In case you can't get, or don't want, skis, snowshoes will work fine. Last time, just boots worked ok.

Janine is organizing this, but as she doesn't have a car, Roland will supply one (1) car.


Sunday, February 7th 2010

Pre-trip Meeting

Come on, folks, it's just a day trip so we shouldn't need a pre-trip meeting.
But if you have any questions, post them on the Notice Board

Special Equipment Needed

  • As usual, if you need to use Club skis, you are competing with about 500 other Members, so get your skis really early in the week, like Monday. Snowshoes, or just boots will work if you can't get, or don't want, skis.
  • Bring a lunch. Bring the usual warm water resistant clothes if you have them, or let us know and we can provide.
  • You should not need avalanche gear for this trip because the trip is designed to appeal to people who do not need to ski steep avalanche-prone slopes in order to get their dose of excitement. But bring it if you have it.


Are also Special Equipment. The road to the Diamond Head parking Lot can be fraught with peril at times, but by parking 1.5 km before the parking lot and walking a bit more, most of this can be avoided, so if you have chains bring them, and if not, don't worry. If you can drive go ahead and put your car down here. It's 177 km return UBC-Diamond Head Parking lot, so if I charge 26.3 cents per km, I should collect $11.63 (say $10) from each of my four passengers, + $0.60 for parking.

  • Roland's car (going on SUNDAY (the 7th) 604 266 8657
  1. Janine the Leader
  2. Roland's sister Phyllis
  3. Roland's wife Carla
  4. One seat left. Email me or phone me if you want a ride. Leaving Gage at 07:00 Sunday, or just slightly earlier.

  • Diana (going on SUNDAY (the 7th); leaving Vancouver 6h30-7h00am; returning to Vancouver by 5pm; three spots (including myself!) if you are skiing/snowboarding, four spots if you are snowshoeing/walking)
  1. Anna
  2. Matt Hansell
  3. Maki (if that is okay)

  • Andrew M's car (depart UBC at 6:40AM Sun Feb 7)
  1. Andrew M
  2. Mylene Lejay (I know it's pretty late to be signing up, I hope you still have room!)

Departure Time

You should arrange to be driving over the Lions Gate Bridge at 7:00 am. This will put us at the Red H parking lot at 9:30, and if we don't faff too much, we should be at the Red H Picnic Shelter at noon.

If this is too early for you (and you are a driver), we can meet at the Picnic Shelter at noon.

If You Want to Come

If you want to come, contact a driver and persuade the driver to give you a ride. The driver will be happy to do this in exchange for gas money.

VOC will not do this negotiating step for you; it's up to the passengers to contact the drivers.

If you aren't coming, take your name off this list.

If you already have a ride take your name off this list and put it under your driver.

  1. Angela P.
  2. Daniel Kirzner-Priest