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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


A trip to Brew Hut with a double target - as a warm up for Sphinx camp or just for a weekend out of the city. The aim of this trip is to get people who have not been up to Brew Hut in winter a chance to make it up there. Both Skiers and Snowshoers are welcome.

Musical instruments and singing are recommended, the plan is for a merry night in the heated hut before summitting nearby Mt. Brew at sunrise on sunday. Hopefully the skies will be clear and the snow will be crisp! This trip is beginner friendly, and will need a medium level of output.

Note - this trip will only run if a couple of people with good avalanche know-how sign up. Anybody interested please give me a hand!

If you have any questions, email Charlie B or post on the message board. Chances are somebody else may have the same question.


The pretrip meeting is Wednesday February 9th, 6:15pm, in the clubroom. It will start promptly, so don't be late! Note that the pre-trip meeting for Sphinx Camp is same location, 6pm, and that Veenstra will be doing a show on Sphinx Camp at same location, 7pm, so it could get a bit crowded or confusing.

The trip is Feb 12th - 13th, 2010

Equipment List

The days are short, and the hut is warm, so you don't need to bring a whole lot on this trip.

This page has a good list of what people bring on a standard ski hut trip: Gear_lists#ski_hut_trip.

A basic list to start with is:

  • A set of non-cotton clothes
  • A wool sweater or fleece
  • Some sort of waterproof(ish) layer
  • Gloves or mitts
  • Toque
  • Headlamp - ESSENTIAL
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen. (We're hoping for good weather)
  • Shovel, Beacon, Probe
  • Food (Dinner, two lunches, and a breakfast.)
  • Snowshoes/Skis and Poles
  • Sleeping bag + mat

Sign Up

No Write.png Signup Closed
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened on 12-2-2011. Please do not sign up for it.

Current limit for trip participants is 15. We'll may take more, but this depends on the number of people with avalanche know-how.

Signup for More Experienced folks

Please email Charlie if you're adding your name to the list

  1. Charlie Beard (?)
  2. Merick(maybe)

Trip Participants

There's no waitlist, just add your name to the end. We'll see how we do for lifts at the pretrip. Please indicate if you'd be skiing or snowshoeing, if you have a car, and avi experience

  1. Tomas Ibarra
  2. Antonia Barreau
  3. Gaby Espino (no car, no avi, probably skiing)
  4. Filip, no car, no avi, will be skiing
  5. Amanda Edworthy (snowshoeing, no avi, 2wd car, summer tires)
  6. Rebecca Abernethy (skiing, no car, no avi)
  7. Sherri Tran (skiing, no avi, no car)
  8. Anna Stemberger (no car, no avi, probably skiing)
  9. Jean-Simon M (skiing, ast-1, no car)
  10. Conrad K (Will have planks on his feet, no car, no avi)
  11. Martin M
  12. Jenny Tan (snowshoeing, no avi, no car)
  13. Michael U
  14. Liz Kleynhans (no car, AST1, beginner skier)
  15. Maite de la Fuente (snowshoeing, no avi, no car). I can't attend the meeting, but I'm in!
  16. Sam Drove (ast 1, skiing, have truck)
  17. Evgeny S (decent skiing, no avi, maybe car)
  18. Chantelle Chan (skiing, AST1, will probably have car & will update once confirmed)

Drivers and Passengers

Post here if you have a car. we'll organise lifts at the pretrip meeting.

Note it is up to passengers to contact drivers and discuss pickup time and location.