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Since my lovely wife Sandra will be off herding beginners at Brew, I figure it's only fair to organize my own competing ski trip just across the valley. The area around Black Tusk Meadows has excellent yo-yo ski terrain, both in the trees and in the alpine. This is an intermediate to advanced skiing trip for people with backcountry experience and avalanche training. Maximum trip size will be 12 people, splitting into 3 independent groups of 4 for skiing during the day.

If the weather is bad, we can camp at Taylor Meadows where there is a cooking shelter. If the weather is good we can camp wherever we want, probably higher up nearly the bottom of the ski runs below Black Tusk.


No Write.png Signup Closed
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened on 22-11-2008. Please do not sign up for it.

MAX 12 people. Please indicate if you have a vehicle, skier level and avalanche training. Tent and cooking groups will be organized on or around November 20th

  1. Scott Nelson (possible vehicle, expert skier, AST2)
  2. Bruno Godin (no vehicle, expert skier, AST2)
  3. Ben Singelton-Polster (no vehicle, can get down whatever sketchy shit the 2 dudes above say they can do but it will not look nearly as pretty, AST2)
  4. Frances Shrape (no vehicle, way better skiier than Ben not that that is saying much, AST1)
  5. Chris Michalak (vehicle: if I get around to insuring it, terrible skier but at least it's tele, forgot everything I learned in avy school but I'm good at digging people out with my plastic shovel)
  6. Krystil Koethler (my boyfriend signed me up without my permission while I was having fun at Smith)
  7. . . .