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JP, Karine, Roland, Kevin, Matt, Scott, Sandra, Ruben


  1. With the low snow pack, it seems most fitting to fly the materials in May. They may have to sit there for a little while, but they can be protected from the elements by making a temporary covering out of lumber and plastic. This gives all summer to raise and finish the hut.
  2. Ready mix will be flown in with the lumber for foundations. Foundation work should commence ASAP, perhaps on the Victoria day long weekend.
  3. Raising the frame of the hut will take place over 1 week (9 days) sometime in June.
  4. Will we be able to raise the hut in 9 days with an inexperienced crew of 10-15 people? Kevin thinks no, Roland thinks yes. Everyone else doesn't seem to have a clue.

Design Issues:

  1. After much discussion, it was decided to go with no eves, and good flashing all around the hut. This style is similar to other huts with high wind exposure like the ACC huts on the Wapta icefield, etc. The most challenging aspect of this design will be sealing the 6 corners against water that is being blown around by wind.
  2. A ridge board will be added to the design to keep the roofline straight during construction.
  3. The 2x4 board along the base of all the rafters will be removed from the design. Hurricane ties will be used on the rafters
  4. The idea of building a standard 8' celing inside the hut was raised, but rejected because it would make the hut too tall overall.


  1. Scott and Kevin will meet on Thursday evening to create an itemized list of lumber for the hut, taking the above design changes into consideration
  2. JP will contact some lumber yards on friday for pricing and try to make an order. The Lumber should be delivered to Roland's place on the weekend.
  3. Hopefully, the lumber will arrive on Saturday and we can play with it a little bit in Roland's back yard.
  4. A PR campaign needs to begin to raise awareness of the project and gauge the level of support for the construction. The message board and the VOCene seem like good places to start. Who is going to handle this?