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Need to liason with other sub-projects.


Investigate how we will package things for travel, into 200# bundles probably. How do we package the styrofoam?


We need a flat-bed or 'high-up' truck to get the 10,000lb hut to the helicopter staging area. A high-up truck has a crane for loading and unloading the packages. Two companies in the Lower Mainland can rent us a truck and a driver for the day. Cheetah Transport in Surrey (604.882.7579) rents high-up trucks for $52.50/hour. Their trucks will be able to handle the short distance of active logging road that we will need them to drive. They quoted $400 for transporting the load on a flatbed. F & G Delivery, also in Surrey (604.888.5150), can rent us a high-up for $400-$475 for pick-up, transport, and delivery. Flat beds are $43/hour. Their trucks will probably be able to handle the logging road section. When we have more details on the size of the packages and the transport date then we can contact them again.

Other Stuff

Also, we need to move the outhouse and ladders from Langley to Vancouver so they can be transported to Squamish. It should be able to fit on a pickup truck.