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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


In what has now become an annual tradition, many VOCers head to the Brian Waddington Hut (at Phelix Creek) to celebrate the New Year and shred the local gnar. It is the largest of all of our huts, and arguably one of the most beautiful, making for a pretty awesome New Years party. The hut can nominally hold 24, but we've had over 30 in the past. Stay for as long as you want. You're welcome to come and go as you please. Please note that this is not a guided/instructional trip, but more of a gathering of like minded powder hounds. However, if you've never been to the hut before, you'll most likely find someone willing to show you the way.

The terrain isn't exactly friendly for people who have never skied before, but you don't need to be an expert to come. Having done an AST (Avalanche Skills Training) course (or equivalent) is highly recommended. Most of the slopes surrounding the hut are generally labeled "intermediate" or "advanced", but there are some very short beginner level runs behind the hut.

Trip Agenda

Trip Coordinator

Nobody is actually organizing this, because if somebody was, then they would be responsible for retrieving parties that got lost on the way in. Expect your car group to be self sufficient. Probably this means having at least one person in your car that knows the way in.


December 26th, 2011 - January 2nd, 2012

Equipment List

The hut is not heated and can be a little chilly when less than 10 bodies are there, so bring a warm sleeping bag.

Sign up

Note: Dates can vary

The purpose of this list is to figure out how full the hut is going to be on each night (and when the good partying is!) Please sign up for the nights you are sleeping in the hut. If you plan on leaving on January 2nd, sign up for January 1st as your last night. Also indicate beside your name the days you are arriving and leaving. This will help people find cars and also fill their cars more efficiently.

Put two stars after your name if it is your first night. This is to help everyone figure out what's going on.

Monday, December 26th

  1. Jeff Taylor ** (Ideally arrive 26th, ski out 2nd)

Tuesday, December 27th

  1. Jeff Taylor

Wednesday, December 28th

  1. Jeff Taylor
  2. Alfred Larsen** (Tentatively Dec 28 - Jan 2)

Thursday, December 29th

  1. Jeff Taylor
  2. Alfred Larsen
  3. Greg Dennis (flexible!)
  4. Olivier Thommen (Dec 29 - Jan 3, flexible, also possible from Dec 30 - Jan 2)

Friday, December 30th

  1. Jeff Taylor
  2. Todd Mackenzie
  3. Alfred Larsen
  4. Breanne (potentially looking for partners to meet up/ski in with from trailhead or from cabin nearby)
  5. Greg Dennis
  6. Olivier Thommen
  7. Erica Lay (Breanne-my dates are flexible (but ride dependant)so might be interested in that same timing)
  8. Jack Montpellier (hoping to head up this day, can leave for the hut early in the morning)

Saturday, December 31st

  1. Jeff Taylor
  2. Todd Mackenzie
  3. Alfred Larsen
  4. Breanne
  5. Greg Dennis
  6. Olivier Thommen
  7. Erica Lay
  8. Jack Montpellier

Sunday, January 1st

  1. Jeff Taylor
  2. Todd Mackenzie
  3. Alfred Larsen
  4. Breanne
  5. Greg Dennis
  6. Olivier Thommen
  7. Erica Lay

Monday, January 2nd

  1. Todd Mackenzie
  2. Olivier Thommen


Drivers: Please indicate here where you are leaving from, and when, and how many people you can transport.

Passengers: It is up to you to contact your driver as soon as possible and tell him/her that you want a ride. At that time you can discuss departure time and place, sharing of food, stoves, etc. Once you have done this, you should take your name off the "carless people" list.

Todd Mackenzie [Going midday Dec 28th and camping at trailhead, going home Jan 3rd, Dunbar area, 5 seats, winter tires]

  • Do not sign up without asking me first and not until at least the second half of December *

Alfred Larsen [Ski in Dec 28, out Jan 2, leaving from UBC, 4 seats]

  • Also ask before signing up, dates are very tentative, looking forward to shredding birthday gnar

Carless People

For people that don't have a ride. You can put your name here, but it is still your responsibility to find a ride.

  • Jeff Taylor (ideally ski in 26th, ski out 2nd).
  • Greg Dennis (Good skier w/AST1 but limited b/c experience; Dates very flexible)
  • Olivier Thommen (ski, Dec 29-Jan 2, dates flexible)
  • Erica Lay (dates are flexible, but maybe Dec 30th-Jan 2nd)
  • Spencer Rasmussen (maybe 28th-2nd?)