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This is a climbing competition for VOC members of any skill level. There will be three main events:

  1. 'Conventional' climbing competition (male & female)
  2. Crate Stacking (unisex)
  3. Prussiking (unisex, single elimination style)*
  • two ropes will be set up, 'unseeded' competitors will be split randomly into groups of two, and whoever wins will advance into the next round. 'Seeded' competitors will know who they are. We will be prussiking up the ropes to touch the top anchors, and then prussiking back down. Whoever touches the floor again first wins. Close times will be decided by re-competition - speed tying a triple fisherman's knot in 5mm cord.

The price to enter is $5.00. This money will be used almost entirely towards prizes.

There will be prizes for each of the competitions as well as random door prizes. Please come out and compete (or even not if you really don't want to) - it will be fun, and it will be about having fun and not only about being the toughest crate stacker out there.

Date and Time

Tuesday February 22nd at 1900hrs in the VOC climbing wall aka back of the Norm theater in the SUB.

What to bring with you

- Harness
- Belay device
- Rock shoes
- $5.00
- Chalk bag (optional)

Please also bring your helmet - you will know why when the crate stacking competition starts.


Sign up here if you want to participate. You don't need to sign up ahead of time, just show up, but this will give us an idea of how many folk are coming. If we get lots of people signing up ahead of time we will buy more prizes. There is no cap on the number of participants.

  1. Piotr
  2. Charlie
  3. Nisan
  4. Eliza + friend
  5. Gili R
  6. Tal R (Gili's brother)
  7. Greg (Will almost certainly be an hour late)
  8. Todd M
  9. Kathrin
  10. Anne V
  11. Laura might show up