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# Scott Webster
# Scott Webster
# Chris Petrus
# Chris Petrus
# Champagne

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Friday, December 10th, 2010 @ Exact time TBA, but it'll be late afternoon to early evening.


Big discounts on Intuition Liners! That's right, the liners you know and love (or don't realize your missing) for cheap!

Intuition has invited the VOC down to get big discounts on their liners. We're still hammering out the exact details, which will be posted on Monday, December 6th but all 'Dead Stock' (old models, weird sizes, stuff like that) will be offered at distributor pricing ('Cost').

There will also be significant discounts on all current stock and members who have 'Trip Organizer' status can get liners at the Promotive discount.

To make things even better, I've heard there's even going to be refreshments.

Now, a few notes: sizes for the dead stock stuff is a little random, they don't have all sizes in all styles. Also, they may not be able to fit everyone that night, but will allow you to book a fitting for a later date. Oh, and BRING YOUR BOOTS! You can't figure out what liner works best for you if you don't have your boots with you.

Address: Intuition Sports Inc. 101-1715 Cook St. Vancouver, BC V5Y 3J6


Please sign up here. There is no limit but Intuition wants to know how many VOCers to expect. If you sign up and decide not to come then take your name off. Thanks y'all.

General Attendance:

  1. Phil Tomlinson
  2. Laura Morrison
  3. Skyler Des Roches
  4. Nick M
  5. Todd M
  6. BramvS
  7. Stefan Albrecher
  8. Nick C
  9. Scott Webster
  10. Chris Petrus
  11. Champagne