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Here is some more information regarding the Elfin Lakes trip in March 2012. This wiki page will probably grow during the next weeks.

Where are we going?

We are going to Elfin Lakes hut in the Diamond Head area. Details can be found here: Wiki link

BC Parks marks a winter route with big orange poles from the Red Heather to Elfin Lakes. This route is very popular and one of the "safer" backcounty routes. However, this is still the backcountry and you should remember that we are no trained guides and cannot guarantee your safety. Use common sense, and if you are unsure about something, ask.

Also, even there it is possible to get lost when leaving the marked route, so everyone should have an eye out for where they are going.

We should bring some tents in case the hut might be too full. Although sleeping in a hut is warm and comfortable, if you never camped in snow, this might be a great chance to give it a try. We can still spend the evening in the nice warm hut and if you get too cold during the night you can skill squeeze into some corner of the hut where you could sleep.

What do we need?

Here is a list of gear you should bring. Let us know if there's something missing or if you are unsure about some items. Several things can be rented from the club (just go and have a look during gear hours) other things can be rented from MEC.


  • water bottle (at least 2L, unless you know yourself)
  • headlamp and batteries (A handheld flashlight is NOT suitable)
  • sunscreen (yes, even in March)
  • sun glasses and/or goggles
  • backpack
  • pocket knife
  • whistle
  • lighter and/or waterproof matches
  • first aid kit (can be shared)
  • Toilet Paper


DON'T BRING ANY COTTON! Instead bring clothes made of wool, synthetics such as polyprobylene, non-cotton sports wear etc. Cotton gets wet and heavy, stays wet and heavy and does not keep you warm when wet. A cotton pullover or a cotton towel is not useful at all.

  • hiking boots
  • warm jacket (fleece or down)
  • long underwear (top and bottom)
  • toque / hat
  • mitts / gloves
  • weatherproof jacket (goretex or coated nylon or softshell if weather is forecast to be sunny)
  • weatherproof pants (goretex or coated nylon or softshell if weather is forecast to be sunny)
  • gaiters
  • maybe warm pants (fleece or down)
  • insulated booties (optional)


  • Lunch and snacks for two days
  • Breakfast for Sunday
  • Dinner for Sunday.
  • Desert to share in the desert potluck :-)


  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad
  • (optional) ear plugs, because somebody will snore
  • we should have a few tents in case there are lots of people at the hut.

Cooking and Eating

  • bowl, spoon
  • Stove with fuel (can be shared).
  • Pot and matching pot gripper
  • Toothbrush

Snowshoe hardware

  • snowshoes. you can rent them from the club during gear hours
  • poles (optional but nice)

Things you don't need

  • A towel (unless you have a small non-cotton pack towel)
  • More clothes than you could wear all at once
  • No study books
  • A big cotton sweater
  • Unnecessarily heavy food items (canned soup)
  • Laptop, iPad,...