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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.

Driving Directions

Your goal is to be driving over the Lions Gate bridge at 7:00 am. Drivers, take into consideration pick-up times for each person.

High Falls Creek is located in the Squamish Valley area, north of the town of Squamish. Take Highway #1 (Trans Canada Highway) westbound towards Horseshoe Bay and take Highway #99 (Sea to Sky Highway) northbound. Continue past the town of Squamish and, just beyond Brackendale, watch for the turnoff on your left to the Squamish Valley Road.

Follow the Squamish Valley Road until, just after a bridge, you reach a junction. Zero the odometer on your vehicle and go left to continue driving along the Squamish Valley Road. Continue along this road until 22.5 km later you pass a pumphouse. Approximately 1km later, at 23.5km, you arrive at a bridge that crosses High Falls Creek. Don't cross the bridge but instead park in the space at the side of the gravel road. The trail begins a short distance over the bridge up the road on the right side.

Many people have misjudged the entrance to the trailhead, and there is a well worn path that is wrong. Keep walking beyond the bridge and you should see flagging tape on the right.

GPS Coords: 49.937984353825684,-123.29979658126831


This is great, fairly seldom traveled trail just up the Squamish Valley. It's starts at fairly low elevation, and doesn't reach any prominent peak, yet still provides beautiful views of the valley and of the falls themselves. The trail is attractive, and mostly forested along the way.

We need people to drive. So, the number of people that can come is dependent on the amount of rides we can provide collectively for each other.

  • Why is this Beginner Friendly? - I intend this trip for people who have some hiking experience and are comfortable in steep hiking/moderate scrambling situations. It might be steep/challenging. See the VOC definition of beginner friendly here.

My contact info is here.

Skills Required

A moderate level of hiking experience and a reasonable level of fitness would be good.

Trip Meeting

The pre-trip meeting will be on Thursday, October 7 at 5 pm in the VOC clubroom in the basement of the SUB. This meeting will be mainly for sorting out how we will all get ourselves there, and a basic of hiking chit-chat, for those of us that are less experienced.

Gear Required

It's important that you have a good pair of hiking boots. We will have a lunch break at the top, and bringing food for sharing (potluck style) is highly encouraged.


No Write.png Signup Closed
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened on 9-10-2010. Please do not sign up for it.

Our trip limit mostly depends on if we can all get rides. If anyone is interested in a self-propelled trip (aka - biking to Squamish), please bring voice this at the pre-trip meeting.

  1. Emily Payne (may be able to obtain a car, if so, will have room for 4 people)
  2. Nisan Haramati (Car with room for 4 passengers. -- time off confirmed, so definitely going.)
  3. Filip Karlsson (New to the VOC, have some hiking experience)
  4. Marie Ang (also new to VOC, some hiking experience)
  5. Chester Hitz (new VOC, experienced)
  6. Eliza Christie (new to VOC, some hiking experience)
  7. Samantha Moore(new to VOC,some hiking experience, need a ride)
  8. Yuriko watanabe needs a ride, needs boots.
  9. Jennifer Bosnick (new to VOC, some hiking experience, needs a ride)
  10. Miho Mannari (new to VOC, needs a ride, some hiking experiences)
  11. Angela Kelsey (new to VOC, needs a ride)
  12. Lisa Altan (new to VOC; has hiking experience; has a ride: van, fits 7 people total)
  13. Alexandra Annejohn (new to VOC, needs a ride)
  14. Yewon Kim (new to VOC, needs a ride)
  15. anna Ehret (needs a ride)
  16. Gillian Wladichuk (new to VOC, have a car - room for 4 people)
  17. Shuval Haramati (has car with room for 3-4 passengers)
  18. Riho Kono (new to VOC, needs a ride)
  19. Andrew McGechaen
  20. Sylvain Rubenthaler (has car with room for 3 passengers)

Waiting list (had to put a cap on numbers, the trip is getting mighty large)

  1. Lila Volkas
  2. Elisa Ocker(new to VOC, needs a ride, some hiking experiences)
  3. Anton Babadjanov (done 10hr dayhikes before, needs a ride)
  4. Alex Giasson (needs a ride, new to VOC)
  5. Gemma Grimes(needs a ride, lives on Northshore -cycling a possibility?)
  6. Jen Neve (Carless and reside by Granville and Broadway, Cycling a possibility!)

Vehicle List

Sign up here if you have a vehicle. Sign up with a driver if you need a ride.

  • Nisan Haramati - Leaving from Granville and 70th ave, driving down Granville and off the lion's gate (well, through... My car is not amphibious just yet)
  1. Filip Karlsson
  2. Yuriko
  3. Sam Moore
  4. Emily Payne
  • Lisa Altan - **One spot still free in my van, if any one still needs a ride, we're meeting at 6:30 am outside of Gage Residence. Email me or call me.
  1. Anna Ehret
  2. Miho
  3. Oker Chen
  4. Maciek
  5. Elisa

  • shuval haramati (shuvi) - leaving from granville and 70th ave, driving down granville and off to lion's gate(but could make a detour if really necessary)
  1. Yewon Kim
  2. Riho
  3. louise
  4. -- Matthieu got sick and won't be coming, so contact shuvi if you're still after a spot
  • Gillian Wladichuk (new to VOC, have a car - room for 3 people)- Need to be back in Van at 4pm. Hopefully enough time to do this hike? Will be driving down Granville to Lion's Gate..
  1. Gemma Grimes

  • Eliza Christie (Veenstra driving) (back by 5 pm)
  1. Veenstra
  2. Line
  3. Alex

  • Andrew McGechaen's Car leaves from UBC
  1. Andrew
  2. Jennifer Neve

  • Sylvain Rubenthaler (#3, car leaves from 4375 west 10th)
  • <Other Driver> (#number of spots you have)