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#Anna Deverall
#Anna Deverall
#Benjamin Eberhardt
#Benjamin Eberhardt
# Abdu.

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We will be going up the Garibaldi Lake in Garibaldi Park for an overnight trip. We will set up camp at Taylor Meadows, which is 7.5 km from the trail head with 900 meters elevation gain. This trip is beginner friendly but there is elevation gain. The trail is well made with lots of switch backs but it is a steady climb most of the way. No experience is needed, but proper gear and a general level of fitness will make your life easier!

There are various day hikes around the area and as a group we can decide what we would like to do. I hope to do Panorama Ridge and Black Tusk, one on saturday after setting up camp and one on sunday before we leave. Panorama Ridge is 5 km from the campsite with 630 meters elevation gain and beautiful views. The Black Tusk is 7 km from the campsite with 850 meters elevation and the option of a scramble to the top if you have a helmet!

  • Saturday: Leave Vancouver bright and early. Hike to Taylor Meadows and set up camp. Hike to the Black Tusk or Panorama Ridge. Return to camp and make dinner.
  • Sunday: Early birds go hiking. Return to cars and head back to Vancouver.


The pre-trip meeting will be on Wednesday, October 20th at 5 pm in the VOC clubroom in the basement of the SUB. We will organize food groups, make sure everyone has a ride and a tent to stay in, and talk about the trip in general. If you have questions before the meeting then go to the "trips" section of the "message board" on the VOC webpage.


  • Turn right off Hwy 99 just after you cross the Rubble Creek Bridge, 37 km north of Squamish or 19 km south of Whistler onto a paved road that leads 2.5 km to the Garibaldi Lake, Rubble Creek Trailhead parking lot. Allow an hour and a half of driving once you have picked up all your passengers to reach the turn off.
  • Each person must pay $5 overnight fee per person at the parking lot! Cash or credit card. If you are getting a ride you will also pay gas money (passengers in the VOC usually to pay for all the gas since the driver pays insurance and maintenance). Depending on how many people are in the car it should only be about $10-15.


Check out the gear lists on the wiki aswell: Gear lists

Remember, the VOC has lots of gear for rent in the clubroom. If you don't have good boots, gaiters or a helmet, the club can hook you up.


  • 1 set of non-cotton clothes (just the one set)
  • 1 additional warm thing (fleece / down jacket)
  • water proof jacket (even if the weather is suppose to be good)
  • toque (very important!!!)
  • sturdy hiking boots
  • sun hat
  • gaiters (optional)
  • an extra set of non-cotton clothes might be worth the weight if the weather is going to be bad


  • Tents (not everyone)
  • sleeping bag (it won't be too too cold out, but it's not mid summer either)
  • sleeping pad


  • blister kit (especially if you have new/borrowed boots!)
  • sunscreen
  • headlamp (very important!!!)
  • lip balm
  • sunglasses
  • camera
  • toilet Paper
  • toothbrush
  • lighter

Gear (if you want to attempt the Black Tusk)

  • helmet (You can borrow one from the club. Check here for gear rental hours)


  • stove + pot + fuel + lighter (or share with someone)
  • thing to eat out of
  • spoon
  • lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch (or join a food group)
  • water (at least two litres!!!!)
  • something to make your drinking water safe (like Aquatabs)


and a pack to put it all in.


  • If you have a car you are pretty much guaranteed a spot! We can only take as many people as there are cars.
  1. Emily Ackroyd
  2. Anthony (Tony) Melnick
  3. Maite de la Fuente
  4. Katherine Valentine
  5. Mieke Coppes
  6. Sonja Dobbs
  7. Anna Ehret
  8. Andy Reddin
  9. Shuval Haramati (shuvi) (pending for now, have a car , can take 3-4 people)
  10. Laura McCracken
  11. Tlell Brown-Bentley
  12. Sam Mckoy
  13. Gemma Grimes
  14. Jaime Wu (Shuvi... I'm in your car!!)
  15. Sam Moore
  16. Jennifer Bosnick (Shuvi, can Sam and I be in your car!)
  17. Jenna Dur
  18. Amara Frumkin
  19. Monika Hermaova
  20. Jacob Cramm
  21. Sebastian Max
  22. Filip Karlsson
  23. Yewon Kim
  24. Anthea Song
  25. Ricardo Bortolon (have car: room for me +4 others. would be great if someone could put me in a tent)
  26. De Wet van Niekerk (might have a car)
  27. Anna Deverall
  28. Benjamin Eberhardt
  29. Abdu.


Sign up here if you have a vehicle. This pretty much guarantees you a spot on the trip. There's no logging roads or anything to worry about, so any car is suitable.

  • [write your name and where you are leaving from]
  1. [leave the appropriate number of spots for people to sign up for your vehicle]
  • [name and place]


Not everyone has a tent so if you do and you have extra room please share!

  • Emily
  1. Tony
  • Jenna- 2 maybe 3 extra spot, but it'll by cozy :)
  1. [number of spots]


If you have a stove please post a food group. Indicate if you have a pot as well! If you want a hot dinner a food group makes life easier. Groups of 3-4 would be ideal depending on the size of pot that you have.

  • [Name of stove owner/do you have a pot?]
  1. [2-3 other people in your food group]
  • [stove/pot?]