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2010-2011 Treasurer: Emily Ackroyd

I believe the biggest help for the upcoming treasurer will be a report on tips I learned throughout the year. I will also send you the excel and powerpoint documents with this years budget that you can use for making next years budget.

  • Firstly get a printout of the VOC account at the AMS office and make sure that no deposits or expenses have been put in/taken out of the wrong accounts. If there are any transactions in wrong accounts switch them now! This way it will be less confusing in the future. Anyone in the VOC is allowed to deposit money so sometimes it goes into the wrong account (depending on if the person knows how to deposit properly). To further find out what has been deposited and where, go to the VOC folder (in the filing cabinet to the right of the AMS desk) and a copy of all the deposit forms will be in there. Repeat this process every once in a while to avoid confusion at the end of the year when numbers don't match up and you are trying to write the budget.
  • The easiest way to pay for things is to get an invoice. All invoices need are a stamp that you sign and write the account on and then the AMS will mail a cheque. Try to avoid getting someone to pay with a credit card for things of a value greater than $200. The AMS ladies don't like getting giant credit card statements very much (they get suspicious that we are doing it for the air miles).
  • When reimbursing someone you need a receipt or invoices, credit card statements etc. (just a credit card statement with no invoice is not usually accepted). If NO receipts or other proof of payment are available write up a small letter or get minutes stating that the person was agreed to be reimbursed and yourself, the president, and one other exec must sign the document.
  • To add or delete accounts you must email one of the people in the AMS office (if you need to do this just ask them and they will tell you what to do)
  • Bottom line is ask one of the ladies at the AMS office and they know pretty much everything (also a copy of the treasurers handbook is always at the desk where you write up reimbursements etc. and information about filling out all the different forms is in there)