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(VOCene and Webpage Editor)
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===VOCene and Webpage Editor===
===VOCene and Webpage Editor===
*Puts out the VOCene and maintains the wiki page
*Puts out the VOCene and maintains the wiki page
# Elliott Skierszkan

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The VOC needs a new Executive for 2016/2017!

Elections will take place at the Annual Banquet which this year is Thursday March 31. You can nominate yourself, or someone you think would do a good job. If you're nominating someone else, please talk with them about it first so we're not spammed with nominations. Executives must be an AMS member (ie. a student) next year. President and Treasurer must have been on the exec previously. It is fine to write a person down for more than one position, but at the end of the day you can only actually do one.

More information about the various positions: Executive Positions


  • Co-ordinates everything and keeps the exec running smoothly. Must have been on the exec previously.
  1. Nick Hindley


  • Handles the cash and keeps the AMS happy. Must have been on the exec previously.
  1. Else Bosman


  • Organizes social events (especially Longhike)


  • Takes minutes at meetings, could help writing grant applications
  1. Elliott Skierszkan

Membership Chair

  • Gets new members, and handles clubs days in September
  1. Cora Skaien

Centennial Tzar

  • Organize the 100-year (2017) VOC anniversary celebrations. Get Creative! Commitment through 2017 is ideal, open to non-students
  1. Kevin Pierce

VOCene and Webpage Editor

  • Puts out the VOCene and maintains the wiki page
  1. Elliott Skierszkan

Trips Coordinator

  • Encourages people to lead trips.


  • Maintain the gear stash and run gear hours. Note that we need five quartermasters.

Journal Editor

  • Tackles the monumental task of producing a 300 page book in about 1.5 months

Public Relations

  • Organizes slideshows and books rooms on campus


  • Maintains library and archives collections. Buys new books for the clubroom.


  • Representative liaison to outside clubs and organizations.
  1. Cora Skaien

Huts Coordinator

  • Oversees huts maintenance.
  1. George Hill

Trails Coordinator

  • Oversees trail work.
  1. Devon Campbell

Aviary Coordinator

  • Keeps the climbing wall going.
  1. Corey Kelly

Swag Master

  • Oversees gear purchases for the club and members, negotiates good deals

Master Bard

  • Maintains musical spirit and goods at all VOC huts and leads musical trips

Awards Nominations!!