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The VOC needs a new Executive for 2016/2017!

Elections will take place at the Annual Banquet which this year is ~March 16th. You can nominate yourself, or someone you think would do a good job. If you're nominating someone else, please talk with them about it first so we're not spammed with nominations. Executives must be an AMS member (ie. a student) next year. President and Treasurer must have been on the exec previously. It is fine to write a person down for more than one position, but at the end of the day you can only actually do one. For some positions, especially Huts, Trails, Trips, it is very worth while to have somebody in that position, who will be around during the summer.

More information about the various positions: Executive Positions


  • Co-ordinates everything and keeps the exec running smoothly. Must have been on the exec previously.
  1. Nick Hindley


  • Handles the cash and keeps the AMS happy. Must have been on the exec previously.
  1. Else Bosman


  • Organizes social events (especially Longhike)


  • Takes minutes at meetings, could help writing grant applications
  1. Elliott Skierszkan
  2. Katie Moreland (little late to the game but didn't think I was going to be in Vancouver next year!)

Membership Chair

  • Gets new members, and handles clubs days in September
  1. Cora Skaien

Centennial Tzar

  • Organize the 100-year (2017) VOC anniversary celebrations. Get Creative! Commitment through 2017 is ideal, open to non-students
  1. Kevin Pierce

VOCene and Webpage Editor

  • Puts out the VOCene and maintains the wiki page
  1. Ilia Capralov

Trips Coordinator

  • Encourages people to lead trips.
  1. Joe O'Brien
  2. Lukas Schreiber


  • Maintain the gear stash and run gear hours. Note that we need five quartermasters.
  1. Isobel Mouat
  2. Ainsley MacDougall
  3. Esther Li
  4. Cassandra Elphinstone
  5. Roan McMillan (his first choice and I think he'll make an awesome QM)
  6. Alastair White
  7. Heather Filyk
  8. Lukas Schreiber
  9. Ilia Capralov

Journal Editor

  • Tackles the monumental task of producing a 300 page book in about 1.5 months

Public Relations

  • Organizes slideshows and books rooms on campus.
  1. (Lianne McRadu)


  • Maintains library and archives collections. Buys new books for the clubroom.
  1. Elliott Skierszkan
  2. Nick Uleryk-Carvalho


  • Representative liaison to outside clubs and organizations.
  1. Heather Filyk

Huts Coordinator

  • Oversees huts maintenance.
  1. George Hill

Trails Coordinator

  • Oversees trail work.
  1. Devon Campbell

Aviary Coordinator

  • Keeps the climbing wall going.
  1. Corey Kelly

Swag Master

  • Oversees gear purchases for the club and members, negotiates good deals
  1. Ilia Capralov

Awards Nominations!!