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The exec potluck is where the mind-meld between new and old exec occurs - basically what allows continuity in a club where the entire membership turns over every 4 years or so...


At the West Side house. Aka - 4527 W15th.


Tuesday 21st April 6:30pm

Regrets they can't come

  1. Scott (FMCBC Board of Directors)
  2. John-Francis Lane
  3. Emily
  4. Stefan Albrecher
  5. Eric E.


  • Veenstra - giant pancakes
  • Natalie & Jeff - chicken-nettle-chili & veggie-nettle-chili
  • Janine-some kind of dessert (probably brownies? sorry, they'll have to be store bought)
  • Sophia - something with lentils. probably daal...
  • Maki - bread and homemade jam
  • Paul - potato salad
  • Meghan - Either apple crisp or vegetarian pate chinois (depending on dinner to dessert iteme ratio)
  • Ignacio - Mary cookie pie (a dessert from my childhood)
  • Champagne - Sun-dried tomatoes Hummus with Afghan homestyle naan bread.
  • Piotr - pierogi. probably. We need something hearty - mountains don't get climbed on celery sticks :-) I'm afraid I won't have time to make them from scratch this time though, so some frozen-ness may have to be involved, unfortunately.
  • Karolina - My kitchen is all packed up to go, so I will bring apples or some other fruit that doesn't get squashed whilst biking.
  • Roland Greek salad.
  • Madeleine - stir-fry noodle salad
  • Lee - Soup
  • Line - fruit salat
  • Muffin -- butter chicken & rice


  • 6:30 - 7:30 dish out food, get settled, socialize
  • 7:30 - 8:30 Serious data transfer between years
  • 8:30 - 10:30 Set schedule for next year (not necessarily all dates set in stone, but at least deadlines by which to choose dates for all events.) Please make sure to do enough data transfer in the 7:30-8:30 session that you know what needs to be done during the year. I'll have my own list and ideas, but it's your job to tell me what needs to get done and when for your portfolios.

Bring a pen and paper (or computer).

Stuff which needs to happen happen over the summer

  • Choose person to organize longhike (Champagne has volunteered) X
  • Who's around this summer X
  • Who'll enter new membership forms? (Piotr will do it! Maki will make make 300, next week) X
  • Who'll book the climbing wall? (Paul!) X
  • Who'll put out the VOCene? (Phil Tomlenson) X
  • Who'll do the monthly BBQs? (Sophia will do it!) X
  • Who'll collect the mail? (Paul!) X
  • Who'll send out journals over the summer? (Ignacio) X
  • Who will be around to book rooms (both SUB and CS)? (Paul - Sampaleanu book the SUB and CS) X
  • Will we have summer gear hours? (two per week, Piotr will decide, Steve too)
  • Who'll run mountaineering camp? (Lee!)
  • Phelix renos (this is basically taking care of itself separately) (contact Meghan, Artem, Steve, Sophia)

For reference

People's names/positions, for the record:

Sticking Around

  1. Veenstra Pres here over summer
  2. Sampaleanu Treas here over summer
  3. Piotr Forysinski QM here over summer
  4. Roland Burton Useful Person here over summer
  5. Champagne Random dude we declared exec since he does a lot of work and will probably stick around a bit more here over summer


  1. Natalie Stafl Vice President not here over summer
  2. Sophia Toft Moulton Secretary here over summer, maybe useful
  3. Sarah Long Membership Chair not here over summer
  4. Conrad Koziol VOCene Editor not here over summer
  5. Madeleine Martin-Preney Trips Coordinator not here over summer
  6. Lee Wasilenko QM here over summer, kinda useful
  7. Karolina Hanula Journal Editor not here over summer
  8. Stefan Albrecher Public Relations not here over summer
  9. Eric Escobar Archivist here over summer, busy
  10. Meghan Anderson Climbing Wall Coord unknown over summer
  11. Scott Webster FMCBC Rep here over summer
  12. Jeff Ferguson Special Projects not here over summer


  1. Janine Welton - Secretary not here over summer
  2. John-Francis Lane QM here over summer
  3. Steve (Muffin) Mullen QM here over summer
  4. Maki Sumitani Membership Chair not here over summer
  5. Line Veenstra Trips Coord here over summer
  6. Artem Bylinskii Special Projects here over summer
  7. Kristin Warkentin Journal Editor unknown over summer
  8. Ignacio Rozada Archivist here over summer
  9. Emily Ackroyd FMCBC Rep not here over summer
  10. Paul Lanfranchi Climbing Wall Coordinator here over summer, working

Still available

  1. Vice-Pres (organizes social events)
  2. VOCene Editor (puts out the VOCene)
  3. Public Relations (organizes Wednesday slideshows)