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How the year went


The year was not a total disaster despite my best efforts. Membership continues to explode and the club continues to struggle to accommodate that growth.

Membership Statistics as of 2013-02-22

  • total members = 849
  • regular (student) members = 601
  • other members = 103
  • alumni members = 145

Membership has been slowly growing still, but i think we might have reached a plateau for the moment.



An application was submitted to convert the current winter route to Brew into a year round trail. As of writing, approval has been received but nothing has been done about actually building the trail.

brew snowmobile trail:

  • the road to brew is getting turned into a paid snowmobile trail that will be organized and regulated by Powder mountain catski, mostly by regulating parking.
  • there will be signs installed at the cat shed telling everyone where to go and outlining the rules
  • there are some documents in the exec folder that outline to communications between us and PMC and Alistair..


  • they have logged the beginning of the brew trail.
  • at some point we should go and mark the beginning of the trail again.
  • there are some documents sent to the logging in the exec folder
  • there is not a whole bunch we can do

Jared Stanley Lecture

  • you should really organize this (for the first week in dec since its close to Jared's birthday) at the same time that you are booking rooms for longhike and stuff since letting his parents know in advance is really nice. Phil T is the current contact with them, but we should probably set up something else since hes all graduated and stuff. advertising is the key! make sure to advertise early and often.
  • Getting a speaker: we have in the past asked either SAR, CAC and the ACMG guides to give the lecture. Usually they do get paid. Organizing this early is also key, and its a bit of a trade off between getting a room and getting a speaker.


  • security stuff - we should look into how to keep randoms out?
    • there was considerable discussion in the minutes. But wrist bands are probably a good idea. Then we can know who isnt supposed to be there
  • Dont let there be more tickets sold
  • make sure to book the room for the pre-trip meeting during the summer.

update on the new sub

  • Moving into the new room might have interesting consequences for our membership... maybe we will get an extra 1000 members.
  • we have moved the club room and will have to do this again in the end of the summer 2014.
  • The climbing wall is being coordinated by Katherine and Phil and Michael (AMS guy)
    • we have had a offer from Andrew at the ROO to help with the consultation as well
  • I had a meeting about the furniture but never heard back
  • the ski rack design is still up for debate
  • We told them the map is bigger that it is so we can make it bigger to include vancouver and all the huts.


  • With the FMCBC - this means that we have to pay them membership (for all paying members) $10
  • Alumni member who go on trips only need to pay for insurance $7.50
  • we pay all the insurance and 75% of the membership money in the beginning and then the rest of the money in the spring.

Room booking

book rooms for

  • into night - after clubs days before longhike
  • lonkhike pre-trip (woodward!!)
  • Glacier school pre-tip (in bucannan)
  • Jared stanely - room in bucannan worked well last year.

Annual Banquet

  • ANZA club? shrugs
  • make sure to get this booked around january
  • we didnt have a speaker this year, and i think that it might be better this way since people have zero attention span