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Quartermaster: Piotr Forysinski, Lee Wasilenko

Another year has gone by. The gear room's been even busier than in the past, even more gear got borrowed, returned, broken, repaired, and re-broken. Last year's guidelines about 'quartermastering' are just as relevant now as they were last year. Given it's April, some of the tasks for the foreseeable future are as follows:

1. Update/re-inventorise all our gear to help decide exactly what to purchase; this somewhat applies to the upcoming MEC Gearswap in May, and fully applies to utilising next year's enlarged gear budget.

2. Acquire a second batch of spare parts from G3 to fix/re-fix all of our Targa bindings; choose suitable skis for the 5 pairs of good skins recently purchased new on sale and set them up. Tune/wax and put away all skis for the summer.

3. Look into the possibility of making the shift to different bindings - although it seems that staying with G3 is actually the way to go.

4. Reorganise shelving/storage in the gearroom as we're stuck with it for a few more years and we don't have enough space for everything the way things are set up.

5. Go over climbing gear and make sure the annual new rope is purchased before Longhike.