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Booking Evans Lake
Another year, another long wait for Evans Lake to reply to our booking request. Shortly after the 2009 Banquet, I emailed and left voicemail messages at least once a month from April to July with no response. Since we're only booking one weekend day instead of two before Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, they're probably waiting to see if someone else can book the entire weekend before relenting to us. However, as usual, they gave us Canadian Thanksgiving weekend even after we heard once Longhike was over that the previous weekend we wanted was free...

Other venues

With the constant problems dealing with Evans lake, we (Line and I) looked at possible alternative venues around the Squamish area that could provide the same services as Evans lake. Most locations

  • BC Easter Seals Camps (Squamish)
    • Problem 1: Lodging+Food/person = $56.85
    • Problem 2: Dinner hall rental w/ Food Service = $200
    • Problem 3: Pavilion Rental = $350

Evans Lake Quote

When booking Evans lake, you must request a quote specifying the following items:

  • Dates
  • Number of participants
  • Will be serving alcoholic beverages & times (they need extra security if so)
  • Number of breakfasts & Dinner (1 per day)
    • Exact number of vegetarians can be mentioned later once the Longhike sign-up list is completed (Clubs Days)

Previous years, they provided a menu list of meals available which the VOC exec would decided on which to serve for dinner and breakfast. It seems know that it has been dumb down to simply spaghetti with salad & rolls 30-50% (vegetarian) for dinner and pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast

Once the quote has been received by email, show it to the exec for their comments. If it's ok, it must be signed by the AMS since only they have the authority to do so. A 25% initial deposit must be paid 60 days before the event and the remainder once on site. Even if people just show up for the party (no food and staying in tents), they are still consider as a participant by Evans Lake and must pay as they will still be using the facility grounds.

MEC Grassroot Grant / Door prizes

I applied for a MEC Grant for around $200 in various climbing gear to be given out as door prizes in mid-July. It takes 6 weeks for MEC to revue your application before a formal response is given back. MEC grant applications are now done online through their website and use VOC's MEC member number 521 to sign up. We ended up with the following items:

  • 1 Camp Rockstar helmet
  • 6 MEC chalk bags
  • 2 Apex Rock harnesses
  • 5 chalk balls
  • 5 ATCs

Prizes are drawn randomly through the numbered Longhike tickets people have during the party.

Instructor Sign-up

Doris posted a call-out for climbing instructors on the message board. Make sure that they contact you so there is some quality control over who can instruct. Discuss at Exec meeting to have feedback about climbing qualification of instructors volunteering if you personally don’t know them. Depending on the final projected Longhike budget, instructors may have to pay a fee in order to balance budget. All instructor names, rock levels and medical training/Gear will be posted on the Longhike wiki page.

Special Occasion Liquor License (SOL)

In order to serve alcoholic beverages at Longhike, you must get a SOL at any BC liquor store. You can fill in all the appropriate information (event date, serving time, number of kegs, ciders and wine bottles, price per cup, private event, etc.) but someone with a Serving It Right certification is required to take responsibility of the license. Doris and I took the test online. It takes about 2 hours to complete and cost $35 per exam. Once you pass, your certificate number can be added to the SOL license. Once the form is completed, bring it to the nearest RCMP dispatch office to the event (no faxing) for their estimate of alcohol profits and approval. Then, you can bring the form to a BC liquor store to purchase the license. Make sure you marked "Private event $25" on the form. You'll be charge for the type of event, Social taxes (10% of alcohol profits) and maybe some other fees. Give it to the AMS and get insurance (this is expensive and must be done at least 3 weeks in advance of the event!)

Beer Quote

I've emailed Howe Sound Brewery in Squamish for a 5 kegs quote, includes pump, gas and ice bucket in mid-July. They offered us a free keg but if we didn't drink all 5 kegs, any returned kegs would include the free one. To play it safe, we requested a second quote for 3 kegs (no special promotion). In the end, we order the second quote. This must be done at least 48 hours in advanced to allow them sufficient time to process our request. This year, they offered free delivery to Evans lake. A $200 deposit per keg must be given at purchase and will be reimbursed once all rental equipment is returned. Someone with a credit card must do this. When selecting the beers, get ones that most people will like. Can't recall if you or HSB took care to bring the rental equipment back to HSB (Doris?).

  • Quote 1 (5 kegs)
    • 4 kegs at regular price ($162.18 each)
    • 1 keg promo’d for the Varsity Club
    • 2 pumps @ $15.00 each
    • Buckets/ice - no charge
  • Total = $678.72
  • Quote 2 (3 kegs)
    • 3 kegs @ $162.18
    • 2 pumps @ $15.00 each
    • Bucket/ice - no charge
  • Total = $516.54

Booking a DJ

For the last few years, old VOCer Arlin Kalenchuk (aka DJ AK45) have been spinning for us. More recently, Oker has also been joining in as a tag-team. This year, we increase Arlin's payout to $250 since it hasn't change for a few years. Arlin has all the necessary DJ equipment (mixers, turntables, laptop, speakers, etc.) but also rented some lights to increase the dancefloor ambient. Since the old pool table is now gone, we took two tables and added some couchins to minimize mechanical vibrations to affect the turntable's needle.

Longhike Tickets & signup

Longhike signup starts during SAC Clubs days (mid-september). Ticket prices are determined from a forecast balance Longhike budget. The 2009 Longhike budget can be viewed in the VOC's Google Docs account (VarsityOutdoorClub at gmail dot com). Ticket templates are available there or on the VOC Website's Exec section. Make sure all tickets have properly numbered and have the pre-trip meeting written on them (pre-trip meeting is mandatory!). Also include a sign-up spreadsheet to keep tabs on the number of tickets sold. On the spreadsheet, include:

  • Name, Student#, Climbing level (1,2 or 3), Food preference (veg/omnivore)

Tickets are non-refundable and students can resell them to other students