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Date set for September 8-9.

Brew Hut needs a little TLC while the weather is still good. In particular, the following tasks ought to be looked at:

  1. Windows and trim boards need to be painted. This requires warm dry weather, which will soon be in limited supply. Yellow paint for the trim boards is already up at the hut, other paint will have to be carried up (1 can exterior grey paint, 1 can exterior primer). This time we will use primer on the bare wood so hopefully the paint will last more than 2 years.
  2. Outhouse needs to be repainted as well, since it sat under the snow for a winter and the inside is mouldy. Off-white for the inside, BC Parks brown has been suggested for the outside.
  3. Firewood needs to be cut from boards from the old hut, carried up to the new hut and stacked in the wood shed. This has to be done by hand because there are many hazardous nails in the wood that would catch on a chainsaw. I think there is one bow saw up at the hut.
  4. The winter trail (Roe Creek Ski Route) has some trees that are scheduled to come down. Also, a short section of trail will be rerouted to cross a natural log bridge. Ideally, we would also drop a few more logs across the creek to widen the bridge a little bit more.
  5. Install lightning protection. Basically this means grounding the metal exterior of the hut. Copper wire, grounding plate, etc are already up there, all that is needed is some manpower to dig holes and install them. The grounding plate should theoretically be installed in a hole 2 feet deep. I think there's at least one shovel up at the hut already to take care of this.

There's some other things on the todo list as well. See the Hut Maintenance page for more details.

Since there will be paint drying in the hut, it's probably a good idea to arrange for some alternative accomodation (i.e. a tent)

Sign up

Please sign up and indicate what tasks you would prefer to work on (trail, paint, firewood, lightning protection).

  1. Scott Nelson (trail)
  2. Conrad Koziol (trail)
  3. Elena Escudero
  4. Emily Beach (anywhere I'm needed)
  5. Matt Parisien (firewood and lightning)
  6. Jon Dehouwer (Whatever)
  7. Dan Fornika (whatever)


Please list vehicles here, and we'll coordinate who is going with who for optimal morning pickups once the list is finalized.

  • Scott & Sandra's Pathfinder (seats 5 including driver, leaving from 7th & Oak)
  • Pathfinder- Jon Dehouwer (I would leave from UBC, but i would need some gas money..)

Trip Report

Thanks everyone for coming to help out. With only 7 people we got a lot done, including all the painting, trail work, and cutting and stacking enough firewood for the winter in the wood shed.