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We've noticed a lack of potlucks this semester and given that most of us are too old to get away with trick or treating we've decided we had better just treat ourselves! So make a food item to share and come on over for a spooky Halloween Potluck! Please sign up below with your intended food item so that everyone has an idea what is already being brought, that way we don't end up with 30 quinoa salads. You can never have too much apple cobbler or cheesecake however... Please bring your own plate/bowl/cup/cutlery as the hosts may not have enough for everyone and even if they do they won't want be stuck with all of the dishes. Please remember your potluck etiquette and don't just stop at safeway on your way over unless you have no other choice. Bringing beer/wine/whisky to share is definitely acceptable :)


It will be held at 7pm Monday October 31st, at Veronika/Cailtin/Phil/Annika's place, 4655 W 13 Ave, near Blanca and 13th.

Planning to Attend (Organized by food item)

Appetizer Items

Dinner Items

Dessert Items

  • Lee W - Apple-Peach Cobbler

Undecided/Hard to Categorize/Beer