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====actually going Drivers====
====actually going Drivers====
'''Driver 1'''
'''[http://www.ubc-voc.com/member/show_extended.php?target_id=1439 CANmobile]'''
# ''empty seat''
# ''empty seat''
# ''empty seat''
# ''empty seat''

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Harrison Hut Trail Recconaissance June 2011


The VOC Harrison hut is an elusive beast and as of the second largest landslide in recent (white man recorded) Canadian history it is very hard to get to. All of my attempts have been thwarted. I would like to construct a new access trail to link up with the existing trail with the access being all along the south side of the Lillooet river. In order to come up with a plan and possibly ask for some funding from MEC we need to have some idea about what we are up against.

I drove part of the way up the road last summer soon after the landslide. I was stopped from driving by some rockfall on the road however the road was driveable on the other side.

Please see the PDF that shows where I would like to put the trail and the rock slide. I would like to go and investigate the road and proposed trail section with the plan to take bikes the first time so allow for fast ravel on the road.

The plan is to investigate the possible trail locations to determine the best route. We will mark the best route with flagging and record the entire thing on GPS. Possible other options for people are to a)go to the hotsprings, carry enough surplus tents and hang out and make the rest of the people dinner b) Go to the Harrison hut and retrieve the journal that Gili wants c) clear the rockfall off the road.

People need to be self sufficient as we do not want to have to babysit anyone.


Organized by: Ben Singleton-Polster


Here is the Message Board Thread


Start time: Saturday, Jun. 18th, 5:39 am Meet at the Pony if there are more than 1 car load.

End time: Sunday, Jun. 19th, 11:39 pm

Pre-trip meeting

The Wicklow Pub at 7pm June 16


Details and Signup Here!


actually going Drivers


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  1. Roland Burton
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