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This page is for sorting out tents and stoves. Please login or create an account to add/adjust yourself on the list.


We will be leaving SATURDAY morning. Meet downtown at Waterfront Station at 6:15am and plan to be crossing Lions Gate by 6:30am. It's about a 4hour drive to the trail head so it's good to get a head start. And there will be delays. There are always delays! :)

  1. Anne
  2. Ted
  3. Ben
  4. Rebecca
  5. Shuvi (driver +4)
  6. Erica
  7. Reyn
  8. Miguel
  9. Rotem (driver +4)
  10. Simon


  1. Ted, Anne (2p)
  2. Ben, Rebecca (2p)
  3. Erica, _____ (2p)
  4. Simon, _____ (2p?)
  5. Shuvi (?)
  6. Reyn (1p, or very intimate 2p)

Tentless: Miguel, Shuvi, Rotem


  1. Ted
  2. Ben
  3. Erica
  4. Shuvi (?)