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<br/>Will - Stove
<br/>Will - Stove
<br/>Paweł - 2 m.t.
<br/>Paweł - 2 m.t.
<br/>Marcin - stove
<br/>so... we need a few more tents and stoves!
<br/>so... we need a few more tents and stoves!

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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Main article: Intro to Ice Climbing


February 9nd -10th, 2008

Pre Trip meeting Wednesday Feb 6th 2008, 6pm, clubroom


Ideally, all students will have done some leading on rock (sport OK), and will have experience belaying a leader. Some exceptions can be made. If in doubt, just ask me...


  1. Rigid(ish) mountaineering boots
  2. Harness
  3. Belay device, some screw-gates
  4. Helmet
  5. Crampons
  6. Ice tools
  7. Waterproofs, jacket+pants
  8. Gloves (lots of pairs, thin ones for climbing and thick ones to thaw your hands while belaying)
  9. Toque
  10. Headlamp !!!!
  11. Camping gear - tent, stove, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, warm clothes etc etc

The Club gear room has a few pairs of double plastic mountaineering boots, and a huge supply of harnesses and helmets. We have a limited supply of decent climbing crampons too. You will however need to have your own belay device, and ideally a few screw-gate biners to go with it. If you have slings, quickdraws, daisychains etc, bring those too. I will try to organise ice axes for everybody closer to the time by borrowing tools from everybody I know who won't be instructing, but if you can arrange your own then please please please do - there will be a shortage.

Instructors will be responsible for bringing ropes, screws and draws/extenders/screamers, however I will help out with finding screws if you don't have enough.


The location of this trip will depend on ice conditions and will be announced at the pre-trip meting, however by far the best bet is the Lillooet area. The Rambles (on the Duffey Lake Road before Lillooet) or Marble Canyon are possible destinations. The trip will definitely involve wild camping beside the climbs to maximise climbing time, and we will try to leave on friday afternoon (but not before 6pm). I'm afraid a long drive will be required...

Student Sign Up

  1. Ran (ice tools, crampons,6 ice screws, general climbing gear)
  2. Philipp Zielke
  3. Felix Heinen
  4. April Hall (set of ice tools)
  5. Paweł Mirski (1/2* of rope)
  6. Paul Bates (sounds great)
  7. Liam Harrap
  8. Marcin Mirski (other 1/2* of rope)
  9. Evan S. (Friend of April - has set of ice tools, ice screws & rope)
  10. Jannu Casanova
  11. Emma V-B

Waiting list

Student sign-up currently suspended until I get enough instructors!!! I mean it!!!! (he doesn't really mean it. cmon you know this guy he's too happy to be firm.) - Piotr

  1. Jade littlewood
  2. Santi Ramon (I've got 4 spots in the car)
  3. Madelaine Wiese
  4. Jason Kwok
  5. James Painter
  6. Gordon Wetzstein
  7. Ernesto Elias-Nieland
  8. Heike Blankermann
  9. Gili Rosenberg (ice tools, car)
  10. Mike Blicker
  11. Josh Zukewich
  12. Jan McPhee

Instructor Sign Up

  1. Piotr F.
  2. Saar Moisa (Piotr's friend and climbing partner from outside the VOC)
  3. Thomas Brunner
  4. Ian Bennett
  5. Will Whitty
  6. Edward Estabrook
  7. Dustin Hines


  • Edward Estabrook's vehicular device - 5 spots, leaving friday afternoon 7pm ish
  1. Edward E.
  2. Piotr F.
  3. Evan
  4. April
  5. Jannu

  • Gili Rosenberg - 5 spots (4 passengers), one of the seat belts is questionable, leaving UBC at: TBD (EARLY on Saturday)

Dustin is instructing under the condition that Gili comes, so Gili gets to go, but we'll take everybody up to Santi anyway...

  1. Gili Rosenberg
  2. Dustin Hines (Gili's friend)
  3. Ravi (ACC)
  4. Paul Bates (Vanier, UBC)

  • Thomas Brunner - 5 spots (4 passengers), leaving Dunbar&20th at: TBD
  1. Thomas
  2. Jade Littlewood
  3. Felix
  4. Marcin
  5. Paweł

  • Liam Harrap -- 3 spots, leaving fri night from UBC
  1. Emma V-B
  2. Philipp Zielke
  3. (trying to be merged with Will's Car)

  • Will W. - 5 comfortably + lots of room for gear (leaving from UBC Friday evening, returning noonish on Sunday)
  1. Will
  2. Ran (trying to merge Liam's Car load ...)


Tents & Stoves

Piotr - 2 man tent, small stove
Philipp - 2 man tent, stove, but no pot though
Ed - 2 man tent, stove
Thomas - 2 man tent, possibly also 3 man
Ian - 2m.t.
Gili - 2+ (3? :-)) m.t., stove
Ran - 2 m.t.
Will - Stove
Paweł - 2 m.t.
Marcin - stove

so... we need a few more tents and stoves!
firewood, songbook and guitar for singing.

Car groups are encouraged to form food groups among themselves, if they wish to do so. We'll be camping right next to the cars, so you won't have to carry anything very far.

We will all be camping at Marble Canyon, and some people will be driving down to the Rambles for the day on Saturday or Sunday (Ramblers on Sunday can pack up in the morning and then drive back to Vancouver along Highway 99)