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General Information

The purpose of this event is to provide a quick and basic introduction to orienteering. You will learn how to follow bearings, orient yourself using a detailed map, and plan an efficient route that passes through the required waypoints. After learning the basics you will have the opportunity to try it out on a short course around UBC campus. Many of the skills involved in orienteering are very useful on backcountry trips. Hopefully you will discover that orienteering is a fun standalone sport, but also that navigation is a fun and useful tool to employ.

This event will be run by Andy Reddin and other volunteers from the Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club (GVOC). Please consider joining this great club! Membership is only $5 for the first year ($10 for subsequent years).

Date & Time

This event is scheduled for October 26 from 5pm to 6:30pm (approximately). It will run rain or shine.


UBC. We will be meeting on the ground floor of the SUB, by the stairs leading down to the Norm Theater.

How Much Does it Cost

This event will be FREE.

What to Bring

Waterproof jacket (in case it rains)

Compass (if you have one - we will have some to lend out)

Shoes (that you are comfortable running in)



The number of participants is tentatively limited to 30 now unlimited! The more the merrier.

  1. Kathrin Lang
  2. Gili Rosenberg
  3. Derry Lappin
  4. Fabienne Meier
  5. Ran Z
  6. Olga Kravchenko
  7. Katherine Valentine
  8. Ignacio
  9. Riley P
  10. Maya G
  11. Caroline Jung
  12. Jan McPhee
  13. Christian Hajen
  14. Maya K
  15. Lisa Altan
  16. Stephen Lerch
  17. Christina Schaldecker
  18. Laura Hughes
  19. William Scales
  20. Andrew Wong
  21. Gwyn Thomas
  22. Lea Schanz
  23. Yewon Kim
  24. Nastassia Koenig
  25. Jaime Wu
  26. Joti S.
  27. Rishi Sharma
  28. Anna Szeitz
  29. Jeff Taylor
  30. Carla Burton
  31. Roland Burton
  32. Ryan Goldsbury
  33. Breanne Johnson



Already feel pretty comfortable reading an orienteering map, using a compass to keep yourself oriented, and basic route planning? Still want to come out to the event? Then why not sign up to help give instructions! You will still get the chance to try out the course as well.

  1. Andy


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