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#Erin Rawstron (need to rent boat, paddle and skirt)
#Erin Rawstron (need to rent boat, paddle and skirt)
#Jade Littlewood (need to rent a boat + other gear)
#Jade Littlewood (need to rent a boat + other gear)
#Marcin Mirski (need boat and gear)
Waiting List
Waiting List

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For background check out the White Water post on the message board.

Okay folks so here it is.

White Water Kayaking: Intro


  • Dates:

March 28th!!!

  • Lord Byng Community Pool

3990 West 14th Ave, West Point Grey 5 boats for rent !!!Limit 10 people total!!!

  • Time 8-9
  • Instructors

Devon & Jacob

  1. Sarah Long (need to rent a boat + other gear)
  2. Tracy Wilkinson
  3. Bob Lai (need to rent a boat & gear, can help out if needed)
  4. Colin Pither (need to rent a boat and gear)
  5. Craig Alfredson (own boat)
  6. Felix Heinen (need to rent a boat and gear)
  7. Brock Rawstron (need to rent boat, paddle and skirt)
  8. Erin Rawstron (need to rent boat, paddle and skirt)
  9. Jade Littlewood (need to rent a boat + other gear)

Waiting List

  1. Agathe Lemaire
  2. Alix MacKay (I guess only if some ppl drop out since limit is 10...)
  3. Allison Boothe (I know, I know, it's full but a girl can dream right?)
  4. Nate Dolcort-Silver (Need to Rent)
  5. Brittany King (Need to Rent)
  6. Ignacio Rozada (Need to Rent)
  7. Pawel Mirski (NtR)

  • Pool sessions will focus mainly on self and assisted rescue techniques.
  • There are plans to have beginner river days, later in the season when the rains have come...


  • Pool sessions:
  • Gear: Kayak, paddle, skirt, rash guard/thin wet suit(optional but for people who get cold easily something to consider).

These can be organized through Devon most likely.

  • Gear can also be rented from MEC, borrowed from friends, or possibly scrounged else where.
  • Cost: roughly 30-45 bucks for the evening.
  • Gear will need to be organized per person, but talk to Devon


In the training we will go over the following

  • wet exits
  • self and assisted rescues
  • basic strokes
  • and water dynamics. (don't worry it won't get too technical)

Sign Up

  • This is to start feeling out interest. Sign up if you're interested and add the date beside your name those below are the date that work for this month, april is too far out. But we'll formalize from as we go.
  • Dates: Possibilities!
  • Pool times available
  • Friday March 14th, 28th @ 10-12pm
  • Sunday March 16th, 30th @ 9-12pm
  • Wednesday March 19th, 26th @ 10-12pm
  • Some time in april would be better...??


  1. Devon Carr
  2. Jacob Cramm
  3. Paul Bates (My summer job is working as a Raft Guide/ whitewater Kayak instructor-good fun!!)
  4. ?

Stoked Newbies

(Please add any time that would be preferable or just put flexible)

  1. RAN Z (Eskimo Roll)
  2. Ben Singleton-Polster
  3. Marcin Mirski
  4. Sarah Long (Wed. March 19th & 26th)
  5. Colin Pither
  6. Brock Rawstron (19th and 26th)
  7. Erin Berring (Wed March 19th and 26th)
  8. Alix MacKay (the 16th or possibly april)
  9. Agathe Lemaire (Eskimo recovery)(March 19th and 26th)
  10. Emma V-B (Wed March 19th and 26th).
  11. Felix Heinen (March 14th, 19th, 28th, 30th)
  12. Karolina Hanula (not the 19th please)
  13. Bob Lai (19th, 26th or April)
  14. Pawel Mirski (First Nations Roll, April)
  15. Tracy Wilkinson (19, 26, 30 or April)
  16. Rory Tooke
  17. Andrew Silversides (march 26th 28th or 30th)
  18. mike Blicker (26th to 30th works)
  19. Shuyu Fan (28th)
  20. JadeLittlewood (Flexible)
  21. Allison Boothe (Flexible but SUPER beginner. Is that okay?)
  22. Jeremy Sklad (flexible)

Other River Kayakers in the VOC

(Just to get an idea of who else is into organizing paddling trips once the rivers are in season)

  1. Eddie Rothschild
  2. Devon Carr
  3. Lee Wasilenko
  4. Jenny Greenop