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Introduction to Rock climbing rescue techniques

Taught by Will Whitty. This course will cover useful techniques such as:
- review of useful gear (cordelette vs webbing), anchor theory (ERNEST), knots and hitches (prussik, klemheist,autoblock, backman, munter mule, mariner)
- escaping the belay and transfering loads
- rapelling (spider, assisted, counter-weight)
- ascending the rope
- discussion of situations and how to put it all together
- depending on time and interest, we can do more advanced things like pully systems, passing knots, basic aid etc.


Participants should be comfortable rock climbing outdoors, belaying (ideally a leader), rapelling and familiar with basic anchor theory. Trad experience is not requiered, but familiarity with some of the gear is desirable.

Required Eqipment: helmet, harness, belay device and locking biner. Other useful (but not requiered) gear includes biners (locking and non) slings, cordelettes and anything else you want to learn how to use.


April 25th

Pretrip meeting

There might be a pretrip meeting, to be announced.

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